Kasauti Zindagi Kay- More entertaining drama to unfold in Star Plus’s hit drama!

Star Plus has really hit it off well with Kasauti Zindagi Ke which is very high on drama and entertainment from the very beginning of the show. Off lately, the show has become more dramatic and every new episode all the audiences are getting good chances of getting entertained throughout. As Bajaj has got injured during Kuki’s birthday, in the upcoming episode, we will see Prerna at City Hospital visiting injured Bajaj.

The nurse will arrive there at that time and seeing her there ask her to adjust his pillow. Prerna will feel bad for Kuki. Meanwhile, she will get a call from Shivni who will inform Prerna about Veena’s arrest. In the Basu house, Nivedita and Sharda Masi will clash for the ownership of the house.

Sharda Masi will warn Nivedita not to act smart and then threaten her of dire consequences if she tries to take away the house from her. Later, Tanvi and Sharda will discuss Tanvi’s plan of marrying Mr. Bajaj and becoming rich

. Debu will come there to inform Sharda that Mohini wanted to meet her so she is calling her, but Sharda will refuse to abide by. Back at the police station, Shivani will come running to meet Veena. Prerna will also arrive there to visit Veena after hearing news of her arrest but Sharma family will get angry on Prerna.

Shekhar and Suman will scold Prerna and lash her out for employing her mother at work that finally led to getting her arrested. Prerna will deny that it is all because of her like they say and despite the accusations hurled by her family, Prerna will vow to get Veena released from jail. Back at Basu house, Mohini will use her trump card against Sharda Mausi.

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