Kasauti Zindagi Kay – Never ending tragedy?

Is this a never ending tragedy for Anurag and Prerna in Kasauti Zindagi Kay? This must be the question ringing on every fan’s mind who adore this couple and wishes them to see happy together. Just when the two lovers are about to unite and be ready to take their relationship seriously, something or the other happens to their fate and they are separated painfully. First it was Komalika who kept them apart with her lies and dramas and now its her paagal aashiq who is hell bent on taking revenge for her death from the lovers. Ronit has kidnapped Prerna and threatened Anurag to kill her already.

Now in the upcoming episode he will decide to put his plan to action. He will hold Prerna at gunpoint and right at the moment he decides against it. He will think that it will be better if he kills her after he makes the lovers suffer a lot in his hands. He decides to give her a painful death not a simple one. Right then his phone will ring and it will be Mishka telling him to come to her house as her dad is sick and desires to meet him. He will lie to her with some excuses and instead go to Sharma house to threaten everyone with Prerna’s kidnapping. Meanwhile, seeing her chance Prerna will try to escape from his captivity. And on the other side, Anurag will take matters in his hands despite all warnings and set out to rescue his Prerna from the clutches of this monster. The show has built up a very intriguing track for now and it will be interesting to see how these two lovers will overcome this ill fate in their lives.

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