Kasauti Zindagi Kay:- Sharda and Mohini will have a heated argument


Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Star Plus never failed to bring twists, turns and high voltage drama on screen. Ekta Kapoor, the queen of television dramas always has something amusing to show her fans. Getting a small sneak peek into the upcoming track here is a heated spoiler for the fans. Star cast includes Parth Samthaan, Erica Fernandez and Karan Sing Grover. No doubt that the show on screen has some interesting acting battles in every episode.

And the spoiler goes like, Sharda and Mohini will have a heated argument. Mohini will warn Sharda and will leave from there. Tanvi and Sharda will discuss what is cooking in Mohini’s mind and with this curiosity, Sharda will again go to meet Mohini at her room and Mohini will ask Sharda to leave her room. They will have an argument there also. Mohini will ask Sharda why he hated Mr. Bajaj, Sharda will refuse but Mohini will show her the party pictures and Sharda will get shocked seeing those pictures. Anupam will overhear their talk.

Meanwhile, Mohini will ask Sharda the reason. Sharda will lie to her that she just wanted Veena to be caught. But Mohini will refuse to accept her truth. Meanwhile, Anupam will enter there and will ask for Nivedita. Sharda will leave and Mohini will reprimand Anupam for interrupting them. Here at Police station, Prerna will plead to release Veena. Inspector will inform Prerna that Sharda had filed a complaint and only she can help them. Inspector will inform Prerna that only Sharda can help them by taking back the complaint.

Here, Anurag will call Anupam for business work and Anupam will inform Anurag about the whole incident. Anurag will show his willingness to return back but Anupam will stop him. Seems like the high voltage drama will continue for a long time.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kasauti Zindagi Ki.

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