Kasauti Zindagi Kay- the business battle between Anurag and Prerna!

Kasauti Zindagi Ke on Star Plus is seeing some surprising turn of events as Anurag seems to have gotten his hands in the upper side in the battle of business between him and Bajaj. In the recent episode, he went on to Bajaj’s house to warn him about his impending doom. This will affect Prerna and she will want Anurag not to do anything stupid as such and make himself be in more danger than he already is in.

Now in the upcoming episode, Anurag will get a call from Prerna. He will see her calling him multiple times but will purposefully ignore the call. Anupam will get confused seeing Anurag’s behavior and ask him why he is not taking her call. Anurag will tell Anupam that he wanted her to come to him personally.

On the other side, Prerna will get frustrated for him not picking up her calls. Back at Basu house, Anurag will tell Anupam that Prerna will surely come to meet him and this will be his first victory and Bajaj’s first defeat. Prerna will then decide to call Nivedita to talk about the issue at hand. Nivedita will not take Prerna’s call positively and reprimand her for calling her Di.

Prerna will then request her to stop Anurag from doing wrong things. Nivedita will inform Prerna that businessmen sometimes cross the personal line and it was Bajaj who first did it. Later, Nivedita will rebuke Prerna for making an insensitive request. In all this, Mohini will celebrate her success. She will reach Sharma house with sweets to inform Veena that her son has brought Veena’s daughter at the street.

In the end, Mr. Bajaj will receive an eviction notice from Anurag. Keep this space abuzz for more updates as such.