Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Veena to have second thoughts on Anurag’s memory loss!

Kasauti Zindagi Kay is showing some high voltage drama in calm scenes. With the event of Anurag losing his memory the whole is trying to put themselves in such a way where Anurag never gets pressed about the fact that he has lost his memory.

On this hard path, Komolika has taken advantage and presented fake information about her marriage with Anurag. While Prerna comes to stalk Anurag and Komolika visiting the kuldevi mandir, she meets with an accident. Consequently, Anurag saves her and will carry her in his arms which will shock the Sharma family to some extent. Not only stopping there Anurag will also introduce Komolika as his wife which will shock the Sharma family even more. Veena will be in a firm denial to believe that Anurag has lost his memory. Komolika will play along and will greet the Sharma family in a proper way. She will also pretend to be good and will narrate a fake story of how she and Anurag got married.

Meanwhile, Anurag will also admit that he has lost his memory for the past two years. Prerna will later offer Anurag tea, but Komolika intervenes and tells her that he will prefer to drink coffee. Here at Basu mansion, Mohini will warn everyone that no one should open up about Anurag and Prerna. She also assures no one will tell Komolika about the kind of relationship Anurag and Prerna shared in the past. Elsewhere, Veena will be dejected to see Anurag’s strange behavior.

Meanwhile, Komolika will injure herself. What is Komolika up to? Keep reading for more updates!