Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Veena will be arrested for Tanvi and Sharda’s deed!

Star Plus’s Kasauti Zindagi Ke has come to an interesting point in its storyline as soon as the Bajajs have started living in the same house with the Basus. On one hand, there is an intriguing part of the story where fans are witnessing Prerna struggles to balance her life with her husband in the house of her former lover.

On the other hand, it has been exposed to the audiences that Tanvi is in love with Bajaj and Sharada Masi too wants to have Tanvi and Bajaj wed with each other. They are now thinking of destroying Prerna and throwing her out of Bajaj’s life so they could take a place for Tanvi to enter instead. They have been trying to set their plan up for a while and Prerna’s entry in Bajaj’s life has become a disruption from there.

Now they are trying to harm Prerna and make her look bad in Bajaj’s eyes. Once they have been successful already as Kuki went missing for a few minutes in the house and Bajaj scolded Prerna harshly.

In the upcoming episode, their other plot will take place during Kuki’s birthday. They will cut the rope of the Jhoomer so that it will fall and cause an accident. Their plan will be successful but instead of Prerna, Bajaj will be one getting injured by it. To cover up their act, they will instantly call up the police and during the police investigation somehow put the blame on Veena for the crime. The police will arrest Veena on the charge of harming Mr. Bajaj. Bajaj will be taken to the hospital where Tanvi will confess her love for Mr. Bajaj. Don’t miss out on this interesting episode. Keep this space abuzz for more updates and spoilers as such.