Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Will Anurag be able to save Veena?

In an emotionally charged dramatic episode of Star Plus’s hit drama Kasauti Zindagi Ke, Prerna had to witness Veena getting arrested for a crime she never did. In the recent episode of the show, Veena was arrested by the police for the reason that she was working as the organizer of the event at the Basu house even though the Jhoomer fell off due to cunning plan of Sharada and Tanvi.

In the upcoming episode, Prerna will feel sad about all that has happened and how helpless she has become. She will think about Anurag while looking at the moon. In the meantime, Anurag will arrive at the airport and will meet Anupam there and both will rush toward Police station to meet Veena. Anurag will plan to bail out Veena.

Anurag will arrive at the Police station, Veena will hug him and cry and will also apologize for Prerna’s wrongdoing. Anurag will tell Veena that he is not able to forget Prerna to which Veena will tell him that Prerna doesn’t deserve him. At the hospital, Tanvi and Sharda will come to meet Bajaj while faking their concern towards him. Sharda will shed crocodile tears and will apologize to him for doing wrong with him. Sharda will then leave for the court. Back at the Police station, Anurag will have an argument with the inspector.

Anurag’s lawyer will arrive and will Inform that Veena’s case has already reached Court and bail can be obtained from the court. On the other side, Nivedita will overhear a shocking truth. Is it something about the incident that has led Veena to Jail and Bajaj into the hospital?

It will be revealed in the episode wherein the ending scene, Anurag will ask Prerna to help him save Veena. Keep this space abuzz for more spoilers and news from your favorite shows.