Kasauti Zindagi kay Written Update 11th November 2019: Komolika plan backfires

Episode starts with Ronit asks hello, is anyone there. Sonlakia allows Prerna to keep her coffee on table without turning. Ronit says about details of Prerna and Anurag love story. Komolika thinks to burn Prerna love story memories like their house. Sonalika gets hurt while drinking hot coffee. Sonalika went to Reception and shouts on mala for sending hot coffee in the place of Cold coffee. Someone smiles hearing her and she fired that person. Asish says to bring that person Infront of her.

Anurag worried seeing Sonalika and his room state, he enquires whether she is fine or not. Sonalika says everything is fine and asks him to have lunch with her. Anurag says it’s sweet surprise but he have lunch cum meeting with his staff.

Mohini shouts on servant for leaving Prerna pics in the storeroom and asks him to clear everything. Nivedita says She wants to invite her friend to their house. Mohini agrees.
Seeing Anurag pic, Komolika says his compliments, care and love all she needed. Sonalika thinks where she can spend hours of alone time with Anurag. Ashish assistant says to her meeting takes time. Sonila asks her about box and she says about store room. Sonalika enters the store room place with that girl help. Sonalika thinks this room is perfect place for them.

Anurag asks Prerna can she make a strong profile against land mafia. Prerna says I think we have info against them in the library. Anurag questions about Library.

Ashish says exactly not library but place for their files. Sonalika says bye to Anurag. Prerna goes library. Sonalika uses her pin to gets door locked keeping some wooden piece. She calls Anurag says I lost the way, I m outside the storeroom. Sonalika pulls out fuse to switches off the lights. Prerna gets scared and thinks their store room is haunted like Mala explained. Sonalika thinks to clean the dust going outside before Anurag enters.

Anurag enters storeroom and Because of his leg door got locked. Anurag asks who is there in the room. Prerna shouts and later shocked to see the Anurag. Anurag asks why this room is dark. Prerna says it’s because of chudail. Anurag says their won’t be any booth or Chudail. They share funny word battle.

Prerna tries to open the door. Anurag says maybe chudail locked them from outside.Prerna gets scared and shouts for help. Sonalika hears Anurag voice and thinks to take key from piyu. Than stopped hearing Prerna voice.

Precap – Anurag and Prerna share moment in storeroom and he gets flashes about past. Prerna asks if he is fine. Anurag says he felt different. Later Anurag says to Sonalika he is feeling like he experienced this incidents before. Sonalika thinks who is that girl invoking his past memories. Next day Sonalika gets shocked knowing Prena is Anurag secretary.