Kasauti Zindagi kay Written Update 14th November 2019: Mohini gets shocked knowing Prerna is Anurags personal secretary

Episode starts with Anurag shows evidence to the Inspector. Inspector says we got the footage, we didn’t see anything. Anurag says this is real footage. who gave you edited footage. Inspector says they don’t know the name. After checking Footage police releases Prerna. Anurag takes Prerna out from police station holding her hand.
Prerna thanks Anurag for his help. Anurag says someone is behind her in the office and suggest her to be with him everytime like shadow. Anurag promotes her from secretary to personal secretary. Prerna agrees.

At Sindhoor khela Mohini introduces Sonalika as Anurag wife to her friends. Komolika asks Mohini to give her sindhur so she can get Anurag love and mom love. Mohini agrees. Suman praises Sonalika qualities. Nivedita asks Mohini to start sindhur khela. Mohini applies sindhur to Sonalika. Everyone plays with Shindhur. Sonalika applies Sindhoor to Tapar and says her marriage will happen very soo. Nivedita gets suspicious and thinks how will Sonalika knows about Tapar engagement. Sonalika says He got to know from Mohini. Nivedita thinks how Sonalika got to know her internal thoughts.

Sonalika thinks Prerna is out so she have to celebrate. Komolika applies Sindhoor to her and remembers her past Marriage with Anurag and thinks from now onwards Anurag name sindhur belongs to her.

Anurag takes Prerna to his house so she can meet his parents and have Bengali home made food. Anurag says from nowonwards she have to work on his home to because now she is personal secretary. He takes her inside and Suman gets shocked seeing Prerna with Anurag. Suman shouts Mohini Di Prerna. Komolika and Mohini gets shocked. Prerna and Anurag enters home leaving their foot prints. Seeing foot prints Suman says her foot prints imprinted like she is entering house with her husband like first time.

Everyone notciestgeir foot marks on sindhur. Anurag asks Prerna to notice it. prerna sees them. Mohini says what’s Prerna doing in their house. Anurag says he brings her inside forcefully to have home made food because he don’t like outside food. Komolika gets angry and thinks how Prerna escaped from case. Komolika thinks to punish Anurag fro helping Prerna.

Anurag announces Prerna is his personal secretary Infront of his family. Family gets stunned. Mohini invites them inside and Sonalika left saying she will come. Sonalika calls someone to know how Prerna gets released. She throws her phone gets mad and seeing servant she controls her.

Moloy gets happy seeing Prerna and asks about why she is not answering his calls. Seeing Anurag, Anupam manges saying it’s good to see her interrupting Moloy. Anurag asks Anupam why he feel like Moloy is apologizng to Prerna for some mistakes. Anurag asks Prerna to Forgive his dad for Rajesh uncle accident. Prerna says I wish it never happened.

Precap – Mohini blames Prerna for entering Anurag life and asks her to don’t say destiny is helping for her. Prerna says destiny only helping them. Anurag says destiny wants them to work together it’s like we both are connected. Komolika says in this challange Prerna is going to loose everything including her baby.