August 24, 2019
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Kasauti Zindagi Kay Written Update 24 July 2019- Anurag to be a shadow of Prerna and Anurag

The episode begins with Mohini humiliates Veena and Shivani in the market and calls them backstabbers and thief. Mohini warns Veena not to see her like that because not only she has any right but also she has no stand in front of her, else she will tell the entire market what is their reality? Veena and Shivani walk out and Mohini also leaves. The shopkeeper gets 10 rupees and calls out Veena but she ignored.

Here in Switzerland, Mr. Bajaj and Prerna are doing their breakfast, when Prerna is lost in her own world of thoughts, Risabh noticed that and purposely asked her to pass him the peeper but she remains unmoved. Bajaj gets a call for a meeting and says he will be there in 5 minutes, Prerna asks him if she can come with him as sitting in the hotel room is boring. He agrees, Prerna comes with him at the Rhine falls, Bajaj tells her about the significance and historical value of the falls while Prerna remembers this is the place where Anurag wants to bring me.

Bajaj asks her to as the boat has arrived, Prerna is enjoying nature and gets on the boat, at the same time Anurag also arrived on the boat and says in his mind “I told you that I will not let go of your back until you come back to me”. Prerna and Anurag have the cosmic monologue conversation. Prerna stands up in the boat to see the water but imbalanced herself and Bajaj and Anurag both get up to hold her whereas she asks both of them to stop as she can handle herself. Here Nivedita gets a misunderstanding about Anupam hugging a room service agent out of affection and she asks for a separate room from reception while the hotel staff is laughing on their argument.

Anurag, Rishabh Bajaj, and Prerna are settled for the meeting where Anurag speaks up against Bajaj with conviction and dignity. He says he can stop an acting business empire but don’t act as an entrepreneur ever. Moreover he takes away business deals, partners but on the other hand, there is me who excels in this field, I know how to work on the minute details of failures and convert them in success. So I think I should get the contract here.

Bajaj smiles and says whatever Mr.Basu said about me is true and I appreciate that but I have a perfect person to handle this deal, my wife Prerna. Bajaj says who is better than a homemaker to run a homemaking publication. Anurag and Bajaj also have a monologue with each other. Anurag says try as much as you want to bring Prerna in between us to distract me, I will not let you win. I will not only win but rescue Prerna as well, this time there will be no backstabbing, it will be a fair game and fair war on face to face. Mr. Bajaj gives his proposition for the deal while Anurag excused himself.

Here Anupam thinks helpless as he can’t even take help from Anurag this time as he himself is juggling with hurdles. He thinks of doing something to make Nivedita understand and suddenly he remembers his friend’s formula no. 333 to make the girl jealous. He looks for Nivedita and finds her in Rapperswil and then start to dance with other girls in front of her. She gets shocked and angry too.

Prerna comes to Anurag when he tells her about the Rhine Falls waves. He tells her that our love will win one day from Bajaj.

Precap: Prerna faints while Anurag took her to the hospital while Bajaj thinks he kidnapped Prerna.

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