Kasautii Zindagii Kay Written Update: Highlights of the week: Prerna shocks Basu’s!

Post eight years of leap in the show, Kasauti Zindagi Kay is full of twists and turns. Show is witnessing high voltage drama. And this week more drama galore in the show.

It was seen Prerna comes back to Kolkata to avenge Anurag. She first attacks on Anurag by winning the bidding of the land which he dreamt to make his dream project.

Now this week Prerna gave another shock to Anurag by revealing herself to Basu’s. She attends the party organized by Anurag with Mr. Bajaj. Basu’s stands shocked seeing Prerna and Mr. Bajaj.

Later, Komolika threatens Anurag if Prerna is the reason behind losing the bidding intentionally. Anurag gives a befitting reply Komolika. Ahead, Prerna dances with Bajaj and Komolika with Anurag.

Further, the partners get changed; Prerna and Anurag shakes the leg together. The duos dances and recalls their moments. And afterwards, Mohini tries to threaten Prerna but she remains calm.

Next, Prerna learns that Veena and her family are going through financial crisis. She somehow manages to convince Veena and takes them with her. Other side, Komolika makes Raunit the CEO of the company replacing Nivedita. She makes a plan with her brother to throw Prerna out from their life again.

Meanwhile, Prerna plans to avenge Anurag, Komolika and Raunit. She thinks a way to defeat them. This week Highlight ends here.

Now in the upcoming week Prerna will meet her daughter Sneha but fail to recognize her. Sneha too will feel the connection with Prerna.

What more will happen in the show, keep watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay, mon-sat on Star Plus.

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