Kasauti Zindagi Kay – and the nokjhoks still continues!

After moments of intense and heated drama in Star Plus’s chartbuster romance drama Kasauti Zindagi Kay, there are going to be some lighter moments in the show with the upcoming track and the episodes there within. As per the spoilers that have just arrived, in the upcoming episode, Prerna will wash her spilled saree and will think how Anurag was stalking her.

Prerna will think of asking Anurag to stop following her as she is already married to Mr. Bajaj and what has been done is already done. She will think of trying to stop Anurag from going further down as Mr. Bajaj is a dangerous person and he can do anything to harm Anurag in the coming days. Prerna will then go out of the restaurant with her firm decision to talk to Anurag. At the meantime, Anurag too will decide to talk to Prerna for the last time so as to ask her to return back to him.

Anurag and Prerna will notice each other and will slowly move towards each other. Out of nowhere, some goons will follow them right at the time and will hit Prerna trying to kidnap her. Anurag will notice this and run to rescue Prerna. He will fight with the goons and rescue Prerna. Back at the restaurant, Mr. Bajaj will be waiting for Prerna. As he notices she is too late, he will think that Anurag might have stopped her again.

Hence, he will leave to search for Prerna and will see Anurag carrying unconscious Prerna in his arms, placing her inside a car and driving away. He will follow Anurag. Anurag will take Prerna to a secluded warehouse where he will try to persuade Prerna to return back in his life. But Prerna will ask Anurag to leave her alone and go away. She will pester on the fact that they are no more together leading into a fight between the two again. Mr. Bajaj will complain about the police about Prerna’s kidnapping. On the other side, Nivedita will decide to part ways with Anupam. The show is getting more interesting by the day. Tune in for more fun and entertainment. Do follow us for more spoilers and news.