Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Mr. Bajaj with his bang on attitude!

Star Plus has released a new promo for his hit show Kasauti Zindagi Kay that highlights Mr. Bajaj’s attitude with a bang on notch to it. In the promo, a lady is seen trying the art of seduction to Mr. Bajaj and this lady happens to be a married one whose husband works for Mr. Bajaj. Now, Mr. Bajaj does have a classy attitude and won’t settle for disloyal women.

Therefore, he decides to fire her husband and tells her outrightly what cheap demeanor she is showing. The promo is superbly done and is successful in portraying the classy attitude of Mr. Bajaj. It gives the hints of how interesting Mr. Bajaj will make the story further with his intriguing and stylish character. He is definitely going to rock Prerna and Anurag’s world.

The show will soon head towards the much awaited confrontation between him and the sizzling couple of telly town. Prerna and Anurag have come a long way to behold the happiness of their togetherness and still somewhere they are not able to make everyone happy. Lots of struggles and hurdles are in their way still. The biggest of all has now arrived in the avatar of Mr. Bajaj. What ups and downs will this character bring forth in their story is about to play in the forthcoming episodes of the show. By the looks of it, Mr. Bajaj is a player for the long run and will play key role in the upcoming story of the show henceforth. The character had significant amount of screenplay in the first franchise of the show as well. Which is why there is lots of buzz in telly town once he has made entry in this new franchise of the show.

Let’s wait and watch for all of the fascinating story that awaits us.

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