Kasautii Zindagii kay 11th February 2020 Written Update: Komolika gets shocked knowing Anurag is travelling in car not Prerna

Episode starts with Dadi asks to bring coconut. Shekar notices Dadi is sad and asks her what happened. Dadi says I have doubt on Viraj intentions. Shekar says Viraj is so good, Prerna is lucky to get him and leaves to get Coconut from market.

Panwaka denies to give Pan to mechanic. But Mechanic shows so much money and  says that he makes car brake failed to get this money, that girl’s engagement is today and she is pregnant. Shekhar hears him and thinks if he is telling about Prerna. Shekar beats Mechanic and asks him about the same. Mechanic says girl is Prerna. Shekar gets shocked. Anurag tries to stop the car but breaks won’t work. Shekar says it’s my sister and than Mechanic escapes from them and leaves in bike. Shekar searches his phone to inform them but it’s gets broken and he didn’t remember anyone’s number to inform from other phone.

Shivani asks Nishant why he came without coconut for pooja. Nishant says shops is closed. Shivani asks him to speak the truth. Komolika Infront of mirror says I’m the best and I will take care of Anurag when he gets sad knowing Prerna death. Komolika gets Ronit call and she asks him to say the good news. Ronit says I’m at engagement venue and will give you the good news face to face. Komolika sats I can’t wait and asks him to reveal. Ronit says our plan is successful and Prerna is travelling according to our plan. Komolika days I’m so happy and car will stop once accident will happen.

Shekar tries to call Mahesh, Veena but noone answer him. Shivani and Suman asks him what happened but he tries their landline number again. Mahesh attends the call and Shekar gets happy knowing everyone at home. Shekar says about break fail and asks them to come in another car. Mahesh says this to Prerna and Veena. Prerna gets stunned and asks about Shekar what happened. Shekar explains how he got to know Anurag car break failure from mechanic. Prerna gets shocked. Mechanic gets scared thinking Komolika will kill him if she knows how he leaked info about breakfailure. He gets Komolika call. She says I’m happy with your work and asks him to meet her at venue to receive extra money as a bonus.

Prerna calls Anurag and asks about his location. Anurag says near bp road and why are you asking. Prerna says you car breaks are failed and asks him to move in less traffic area until than she reach him. But Anurag asks her to don’t come and says he can handle it. Prerna won’t listen to him.

Mechanic Mets Ronit and travels in his car to venue. Ronit says my sister is dangerous if you do any mistake. Mechanic thinks to hide his mistake. Prerna calls Komolika and informs Anurag is travelling in that breakfailure car and asks her way to stop the car. Komolika says I know Anurag left from your house and you’re just using his name to save yourself. Prerna says I’m at home and tell me but Komolika won’t believe. Prerna gets slight pain and phone fell down from her hand. Mahesh knocks the door and asks her to open it. Komolika gets shocked hearing his voice and tensed for Anurag.

Prerna leaves in their old car locking Veena and Mahesh in the house. Ronit reached venue and Komolika slaps Ronit and Mechanic gets tensed and reveals how he leaked about Breakfailure to Prerna brother. Komolika slaps him too and says Anurag is travelling in that car not Prerna.

Precap – Mahesh asks how can Prerna save Anurag. Shivani on phone says nothing will happen to him as Prerna Di is with him. Mohana gets shocked overhearing their convo. Prerna follows Anurag car. Mohini inform this matter to Viraj and leaves outside saying Anu…Viraj thinks how it happened. Prerna stops her car Infront of Anurag and stops his car.