Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th September 2020 Written Update: Anurag and Mr. Bajaj face off

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 11th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Prerna thinking that she has to save the orphanage by any means for Samidha. She recalls meeting Samidha while she on the way to be here. Samidha without caring about the vehicles rashly crosses the road and meets up with Prerna.

 Prerna scolds her for it when Samidha gives her the mata Rani chunri made handkerchief for wishing good luck to her. Prerna asks her to promise to not put her life in danger for any reason and Samidha agrees. Prerna thinks that she will definitely do anything for Samidha. Prerna goes to check on Komolika and finds Komolika giving the papers to Nivedhita. N

ivedhita warns her that if Anurag gets to know about this then he’s going to be very angry at her. Komolika says that Anurag can’t do anything to her and even if he knows she knows to manage him. She is proud of getting the shares front Prerna. Prerna recalls Anurag asking whether she thinks he would play with the innocent children’s life. She leaves from there. Komolika gives the papers to Prerna and Prerna checks it. Komolika taunts her for being an emotional fool.

Prerna says that there are many important things in the world over money but she would not understanding this. She signs the papers but denies giving it to her before she gets the orphanage papers to her. Komolika sends Nivedhita to get the orphanage papers saying that she knows well about her.

 Komolika sends Mohini to bring tea for Prerna but she orders black coffee. Prerna and Komolika taunt each other. Komolika says that she shouldn’t have hugged and kissed her husband because of which she’s betting her revenge on her. Prerna clears with her that she doesn’t have any interest in her husband nor will the situation repeats.

Nivedhita gives the orphanage papers to Prerna and she checks it. Prerna threatens Komolika to ruin her if she once again troubles the orphanage children. Komolika says that she’s still the same who challenges big but does nothing. She recalls her saying proudly about Anurag’s named sindoor is hers but now both Anurag and his sindoor belongs to her.

Prerna says that she don’t want that anymore too. Saying so she leaves. Anurag gets call from his office for meeting and Anurag says he’s visiting the garments. He says that Nivedhita will attend the meeting. Anurag is about to park his car when another car interrupts his way. He gets down only to get to know that its Bajaj’s car.

They both argue over the parking but indirectly meaning Prerna. Bajaj later understands that Anurag meant Prerna and not parking. Prerna wonders why did Anurag save her life if he’s not aware of the deal. She decides to clear it with him. Anurag recalls Prerna during his presentation.

Precap : Priyanka’s mother spots Prerna hugging Sneha and realizes the game of fate. She’s about to reveal the truth to her.

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