Kasautii Zindagii kay 12th February 2020 Written Update: Prerna stops Anurag while he is expressing his love for her

Episode starts with Komolika says won’t you do one work properly because of you Anurag life is in danger. Ronit triesto stop Komolika when she leaving but she asks him to get exact location of Anurag and leaves to search him. Ronit slaps Mechanic.

Prerna calls Anurag and asks him about his location but he denies to reveal and asks her to stay at home. Prerna insists him to reveal. Anurag listens horn sound and questions her why she came out and why didn’t anyone stopped her. Prerna says noone can stop me and asks him to reveal his location in one min otherwise she never allow him to see her. Anurag gets tensed and reveals his location. Anurag and Prerna cries reminscing their moments with eachother.

Prerna asks him to talk and says previously too I lost somethings. Anurag says whatdo you mean. Prerna reminsces how Anurag met with accident when he went to get chunri. Prerna says you stopped talking to me when I cheated you on something and that time you can say you won’t like cheating but you stopped talking. Anurag says I’m sorry, wish I can change it and today I will talk with you even if you cheat.

Anurag says Prerna I want to say something to you, I really like you. Prerna says I know. Anurag escapes from accident. Veena informs how Prerna locked in room to Shivani. Mahesh asks how can Prerna save Anurag. Suman says she can do it. Veena says how can she save him. Shivani on phone says nothing will happen to him as Prerna Di is with him. Mohini gets shocked overhearing their convo and tries to call Anurag but she gets call waiting.

Prerna cries saying I thought you met with accident and lost you. Anurag says can two friends love eachother deeply in this way, please answer me. Prerna says we made this relation with our heart. Anurag says I meeied Sonalika to save her but now I have to say her what I feel for you and first I want to say it you because I don’t know how much time j have. Prerna asks him to don’t talk in this way and asks him to express when they met. Anurag says why you’re stopping me,do you know what I want say. Prerna says I can feel it.

Mohini breakdown and Nivedita consoles her but she goes saying maybe Anurag at downstairs. Viraj notice her says Anurag didn’t reach the venue and asks her what happened. Mohini inform Breakfailure matter to Viraj and leaves outside saying Anurag. Prerna advices Anurag to low the car speed and jump from it. Anurag says it can work and asks her from when you started liking science apart from love stories.  Komolika thinks why Anurag went in that car in place of Prerna and worries for his Safety. Komolika asks Ronit to trace Anurag location immediately. Mohini meets Veena on her way and says my son life is in danger because of your daughter. Veena says my daughter will save him. Viraj says Prerna goes to save Anurag, what can she do. Veena stays silent and Mohini leaves. Viraj thinks Komolika won’t leave anyone if something happens to Anurag.

Precap – Shekar asks Prerna whether she is safe or not. Prerna says I’m safe and even Anurag is safe. Veena asks her to come quickly leaving Anurag. Shekar asks her to come with Anurag. Prerna follows Anurag car. Prerna stops her car Infront of Anurag to stops his car. Komolika notice them and wishes for Prerna death.