Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12th September 2020 Written Update: Anurag determined to correct his mistakes

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 12th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Anurag in the presentation. Suddenly his wallet falls down and he finds Prerna’s photo. He recalls Bajaj and thinks that if there’s someone whom he hates the most then it is him.

Priyanka’s sister is carrying the boxes when someone drops ice cream on her hand. Everyone notice the big wound mark due to burns present there. Prerna comes to orphanage to meet Priyanka. The employee greets her and thanks her for saving the orphanage.

Prerna asks for Priyanka and they says that she’s not there. He asks her to give the papers to her elder sister and goes to bring her. He goes to her sister and says about Prerna. Hearing Prerna’s name she recalls Anurag giving Samidha to her and Komolika saying how bad Sneha’s mother is and she’s such a vile woman. She wonders if its the same Prerna.

Anurag’s brake fails all of a sudden and with immense pressure the car comes to halt. Moloy asks Anurag to come out and he asks how’s he here. He says about brake failure and recalls the incident when Prerna saved him due to brake failure.

He says that he realized that he wants to live in order to correct his mistakes. He wishes entry thing happens right during Diwali. Anurag takes his leave and gets into the car. He thinks that he needs to correct all his mistake. He calls Bajaj and says that in this Diwali Sita will be back to sasural. Bajaj gets confused

Prerna impatiently waits as she’s getting late for her meeting. A girl falls down and shouts for her mother. Her mother rushes there and take her with her. Samidha comes there and hugs her. Prerna says that she has fulfilled her promise and they both gets happy. She gives the papers to Priyanka.

Badi Maasi recalls promising Samidha to bring back her mother to her. Komolika is enjoying her victory while Mohini brings sweets for her. Komolika finds Nivedhita unhappy and asks the reason for it. Mohini manages the situation cooking up an excuse.

Komolika leaves to Puck a call and Mohini scolds Nivedhita for being upset. She asks if she’s upset over the children. Mohini reminds her that Prerna will take care of the children. She reminds the struggles by her and Anurag to fulfil Basu City project.

She says that they are finally getting back the lost recognition and dreams which they lost in international business. She says that none of their hard work was recognised but the magazine held Prerna’s picture. Nivedhita gets convinced and thanks her mother for explaining.

Komolika comes back and asks Nivedhita what happened that all of a sudden she’s glowing. Nivedhita says that it’s just she wants to throw a party to celebrate their victory. Komolika agrees.

Nivedhita leaves saying that she has a surprise for Komolika. Badi Maasi thinks that how weird it is that both the mother and daughter are together but couldn’t recognise each other. She calls it game of fate.

Precap : Badi Maasi says about the fire 8 years back. Shopkeeper says Samidha that she has found her mother.