Kasautii Zindagii kay 13th February 2020 Written Update: Prerna is successful in save the life of Anurag

Episode begins with Prerna is talking with Anurag on phone and inform him about Shekhar and Shivani. Shekhar calls Prerna to know her whereabouts. Veena calls friend to come back to house right now as she is pregnant and she needs to take care of her child as well. Veena tries to call Prerna back to the house but she says I will not come back to the house until and unless I got back Anurag safe and sound and if today my father was alive and even he ask me to come back to the house then also I will not do it.

Shekhar text the phone from the hand of Veena and says to pronounce that take care of yourself and if you return then return with Anurag only and I have full faith in you and your love. You people can be alive only if you people are together and fine enough. Veena slaps Shekhar for instigating his sister but Shekhar says you are getting it all wrong this time, Prerna can be fine only if Anurag is with her. Shivani and all says to Veena that you don’t need to worry much and all of them at starting to pray for both of them.

Prerna is driving the car parallel to Anurag so that he can jump to her car and get saved. Prerna is asking Anurag that you have to live for me and you know I need you and you are my life and need Anurag gets motivation from her and he says I will try my best in the end. Anurag tries to get out of the car but he is not able to to come out of the car because he couldn’t take off the seatbelt and jump from the car.

However, Prerna takes the car above the car of Anurag and says I have my breaks on and you can stop your car by using that. Fit brings a car in front of Anurag and pulls the break while Anurag tries to stop his car but due to the sloping the speed of the car got increased and the car of Prerna is going towards the Cliff together and Prerna is trading the moment because the the car can fall from the cliff anytime.

Sonalika is also reaching the point where the card of the anurag is traced by her brother. However at the edge of the cliff, the car of Anurag and Prerna got stopped and due to the exhausted mind of state Prerna is feeling a little drowsy. Anurag finally able to cut off his seat belt and comes out of his car and asks Prerna to hold on and he will save her at any cost. He brings out rope from the bonnet of his car and ties the tyres of both the cars with each other so that the car didn’t fall from the cliff. He finally opens the front door of Prerna’s car and asks her to come out slowly without jerking the car much.

Prerna does exactly the same and both of them are finally in zone without causing much damage to each other. Sonalika also reaches the spot and she witnessed the entire thing and the mere thought of Anurag prioritising Prerna more than her is pissing her off and she prays for Prerna to die at that moment.

However, Anurag got lift from a car to the city hospital and he took her for first aid. inside the hospital doctor assured Anurag and Prerna is fine enough and she will gain her senses soon. Later, Prerna comes back to her sense and Anurag wonders if they have no connections then why two people can do so much for each other?

Precap – Prerna gives Komolika an ultimatum of three days and says within that you will be out of his life and also Basu bari.