Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th September 2020 Written Update: Anurag suspects Komolika and Nivedita

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Episode starts with Prerna is with Samidha and she says I will make you see everything. The heads of the orphanage are discussing that this land will now officially belongs to us and we will be the official and legal owner of this land. She notices Samidha and Prerna together and starts to think no matter what happens blood can indentify their blood related relationships.

No matter what and how far they will, they will come together. She remembers Anurag words that in future she should give Samidha only to Prerna. She remembers the words of Komolika as well. She says to Samidha you go and play with other kids and have ice cream and sweets as I have to talk with Prerna.

Kaushik gets stumbled with Nivedita while he is walking and Nivedita asks him if everything is alright and he remembers the event of Kuki getting framed and he clicking pictures from her phone and messaging it to all unknowingly. He feels guilty about the entire things and says to Nivedita I have done something wrong with somebody and I am feeling guilty about it too.

Nivedita remembers the advices of her husband and she says the same to Kaushik. she says go ahead and admit your mistake to the one and apologize because that is the ultimate thing you can do when you commit a mistake against someone.

Koushik likes that wise and he thanks Nivedita for solving his problem and he thinks that he will meet Kukki and will tell her about everything. Komolika is in her room and is talking to someone over the phone when never comes inside with a bottle of champagne to celebrate their victory against Bajaj.

Kamalika opens the bottle of champagne and they are drinking it together when Anurag comes there. Seeing him both of them tries to hide their excitement and behave normal but Anurag gets that something is going on and they are hiding it from him purposely. he asked komalika to show him the file of the office she is trying to hide but she hesitates and Nivedita manages the situation and lies to Anurag that the file is about Mittal and Mittal company and they are ready to invest in Basu publication.

Anurag insists to see the file as we find it odd that they are trying to hide this from him. He is going to check the file when Komolika says to him that Prerna came here and she creates a scene inside the house using your name. Anurag understands that she is bluffing without any reason.

Niveditha gets a call for the meeting and she lives with the file as she needs it. as soon as the goes out of the room kamalika also made an excuse and goes out of the room. Anurag notices the glasses of champagne inside his room and he suspects that there is something different which they are saying to him and the glasses are the proof that both of them are celebrating something which is unaware to him.

Kaushik comes to meet Kuki and apologizes to her but he couldn’t do so after hearing a phone call of hearts and things if I say everything to her then she will hate me and maybe will never talk to me. He excuses himself and was out of the Bajaj house while Kuki thinks that due to hard rude behaviour we felt bad and left.

Prerna is in the orphanage and the elder sister of Priyanka thanks her for saving the orphanage and giving them back their motive of life. Prerna says to them that I feel a personal connect with Samidha and I don’t understand why this happens but doing something for her makes me happy. Preena notice a burning sign on the neck of the lady but she doesn’t get convinced with the story she says to her.

Precap – Bajaj catches Kuki and Kaushik together in the market.