Kasautii Zindagii kay 15th January 2020 Written Update: Anurag gets stunned Knowing Viraj loves Prerna

Episode starts with Mohini says how can Prerna dance with someone husband when she is engaged to Viraj. Moloy says are you getting jealous, good mom is someone who want their kid happiness. Nivedita sees them.

Mohini asks you want to say I’m not good mother. Moloy says yes and left saying now cry Infront of your children and gain sympathy. Nivedita consoles Mohini saying Papa didn’t mean those words.

Anurag takes Prerna to room. Anupam notices waiter going upstairs and reminds Shivani words Nd he follows him. Viraj witnesses Anurag massaging Prerna feet. Anurag asks how are you feeling now. Prerna says feeling better.

Anurag asks Veena to take care of Prerna. When he is leaving, Viraj takes him to talk with him.
Prerna says Anurag will care for me everytime without remembering Past. Veena says but he’s not you’re. Prerna says my heart is saying he will become mine very soon and he will break my marriage with Viraj.

Anurag asks what you want to talk with me. Viraj says regarding marriage. Anurag days don’t take it to heart if Prerna said something but she is good. Viraj says you care for her and want her happiness, why? I don’t want to enter in any relationship with confusion. Viraj asks are you loving Prerna. Anurag says yes i do.
Ronit hits Shivani with vase and locks her in cupboard tying her hands and mouth. Anurag says I love Prerna like Friend, I have some extra care,concern and love for her because she is Rajesh uncles daughter and I will be their for her and I’m married so don’t think about other things and I’m sorry if you felt uncomfortable because if me. Viraj says thank you and reveals he love Prerna.

Anurag gets shocked. Viraj says I want to propose her but stopped because of confusions and now everything is clear and sorry if you’re hurt. Anurag says it’s good to clear the issue. Viraj says for me it’s more than arranged marriage that’s why want to propose her and he hugs Anurag.

Waiter hides from Anupam and calls Ronit. Than Ronit notices he left his phone inside. Shivani notices Ronit phone. Ronit threatens her with gum and takes his mobile and answer it. Anupam leaves from that place because of Nivi call. Waiter informs about someone following him like they got doubt. Ronit asks him to come. Shivani thinks who’s this person who kidnapped me.

Anurag thinks I can’t break someone’s heart, Viraj is right I’m crossing limit while taking care of Prerna, so nowonwards it’s good if I avoid Prerna related matters. Anurag gets flashes of stopping Prerna marriage. He thinks I remember and Komolika hears him.

Ronit asks Siva to handle Shivani so they can kidnap Prerna. Shivani removes cloth and shouts you can’t take My Di. Ronit slaps her to be silent.

Komolika asks what happened. Anurag says I remember about Prerna and how Im trying to stop her marriage. Maybe that person left Prerna but I’m not remembering that person face. Komolika throws things. Anurag asks what happened.

Komolika says I’m feeling jealous when you’re talking about others. Anurag says don’t think in that way, I’m sharing everything first with you and Prerna is best friend and my heart didn’t changed. Komolika reminds Prerna warning about their bond.

Precap – Komolika asks doctors to suggest medicines to slow Anurag mind so he won’t get his memory. Komolika mixes tablet in water and asks waiter to give it to Anurag. Prerna witness this and drinks that juice taking from Anurag. Prerna says I love you Anurag. Viraj asks debuda where Prerna. Debuda informs she is at terrace. Viraj notices Prerna hugging Anurag.