Kasautii Zindagii kay 16th January 2020 Written Update: Viraj confesses his love to Prerna

The Episode starts with Komolika reminds Prerna words hearing Anurag feeling, she moves from that place saying I will bring your medicines. Komolika thinks I can’t loose you Anurag and reminds how she blackmailed doctor kidnapping his daughter and asking for medicine to make Anurag’s brain slow. Doctor prescribe some medicine and he says you have to use this medicine for long time to notice the effect. Komolika holds tablets and thinks now I will see how you get your memory.

Waiter says I have drug with me to make Prerna unconscious. Ronit notices Prerna Nd asks her to come outside to place her car in correct parking place. Prerna about to leave with him but gets interrupted by Viraj. He takes Prerna with him and asks his driver to check the Prerna car.

Anurag searches for Prerna. Anupam thinks it’s confirmed their is someone who wants to hurt Prerna and he searches for Shivani and Prerna.
Viraj says I love you Prerna. She gets shocked. He says I felt you like Anurag after Tilak rasam.

She says I do. He says I know you like him because he’s good guy and it’s tough to take place in your heart and your good qualities are dragging me towards you and I’m ready for marriage just want to reveal you how before I thought to cancel the marriage. Now you know everything so will you ready to marry me, I will be waiting for your answer.

Prerna thinks I have to clear him everything so he won’t keep any hopes. Anupam asks Anurag did you get any info from detective. Anurag says no. Komolika spikes the water and sends for Anurag. Prerna rushes to stop him. She drinks it and takes Anurag with her saying I want to talk with you. Komolika thinks tablets won’t affect Prerna but she have to bear the side affect and it’s easy to kidnap her in this state. Komolika calls Ronit and informs him Shivani and Anupam are doubting them and ask him to send new one to kidnap Prerna. Ronit about to say something but she leaves.

Siva ties Shivani to chair. Ronit calls and asks him to lock Shivani room and comes to corridor. Anurag says I remember something from past I promised you to take care of you forever and I’m trying to stop your marriage. Prerna about to say something but gets interrupted by Mohini and she says I want you to meet my friends. Anurag says ok and asks her MAA why I want to stop Prerna marriage in the past, maybe that person only left Prerna.

Mohini gets stunned and thinks maybe Anurag thinking about Bajaj. Mohini asks him to leave the matter. Anurag asks won’t you like Prerna. Mohini says it’s fine if you can’t come with me but I’m not intrested in Prerna topic. She leaves angrily.

Viraj meets Anurag and asks did your mom gets angry on you. Anurag says yes. Viraj says sometimes it happens with moms and Anurag you’re the Cupid in Prerna and my story. Anurag smiles. Viraj says I proposed Prerna. Anurag gets stunned.

Precap – Prerna takes Anurag with her. Shivani unties herself. Mohini says Prerna is good girl. Viraj says person heart is bad if they can’t see Prerna good nature. Prerna says I wanted to tell you since long, I love you. She hugs Anurag. Viraj asks debuda where Prerna. Debuda informs she is at terrace. Viraj notices Prerna hugging Anurag.