Kasautii Zindagii kay 17th January 2020 Written Update: Prerna confesses her love to Anurag

Episode starts with Viraj says I proposed Prerna and waiting for her answer. Anurag says nice. Shivani unties herself and comesout from room and listens waiters plan to kidnap Prerna with new ones. Ronit shows them Prerna and Shivani pic. Komolika says mom Anurag didn’t have his medicines and asks her to give him the tablet. Mohini says nowadays he’s not listening me but it’s about medicine so I will make him have it.
Mohini asks Anurag to have the medicine. Anurag says tablet taste is not good plus it’s making me dizzy Sonalika. Mohini says it’s not chocolate so have it. Anurag takes the tablet and asks her to smile. Mohini smiles.
Prerna feels intoxicated and takes Anurag with her to terrace and she says today I will talk and you have to listen to me and answer my questions. Anurag agrees. Prerna shows star and says it’s my papa and he loves us and you know you’re so good. He smiles and asks her to come but Prerna says I wanted to tell you this since long, I love you. Anurag smiles and she kisses on his hand and share a moment.
Viraj thinks I can’t wait anymore and I want to know what Prerna feels about me. Mohini sees Viraj and thinks he is good looking and from good family that why he is marrying Prerna kind of girl but I’m happy Prerna will stay away from us. Mohini meets him and says Prerna is good girl. Viraj says person heart is bad if they can’t see Prerna good nature. Mohini says you’re right and goes to attend her guests.
Viraj asks debuda where Prerna. Debuda informs she is at terrace. Shivani asks Viraj did you saw them. Viraj asks who. Shivani says I can’t tell you and moves hurriedly. Waiters thinks Shivani as girl and they kidnaps her making unconscious.
Prerna says I will feel good when I’m with you and I want to be happy with you. Viraj searches for Prerna in upstairs. Prerna asks Anurag to answer whether he love her and his cutiepie and says noone can love me like you do. She forwards her hand to him. He hold her when she about to slip and drags her towards him and hugs her.
Waiters inform Ronit that work is done. Ronit inform this to Komolika and she says I’m coming. Mohini asks Komolika to come with her but she moves out saying I’m having headache.
Anurag makes Prerna sit in sofa and asks her to relax. Prerna says I love you. Viraj thinks if Prerna says yes than I will marry her today itself. Prerna insists Anurag to say her love you but he stays silent and when he about to kiss her forehead he notices she is sleeping. Anurag thinks what I’m doing and she is inebriated and don’t know what’s she saying and she belongs to Viraj and maybe proposed me thinking me as Viraj.

Precap – Komolika asks where is Prerna. Ronit says in van. Komolika gets angry seeing Shivani and questions Ronit whom did you brought. Waiters places Shivani in room and notices Prerna in bed. Komolika asks them to take Prerna. Shivani sees from upstairs waiters are taking Prerna and informs this to Anurag. Everyone gets shocked.