Kasautii Zindagii Kay 17th September 2020 Written Update: Anurag confronts Nivedita

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The episode starts with Bajaj shouting at Kukki for roaming with random guys. Prerna asks him to relax and asks him to listen to Kukki. Kukki stammers and Bajaj accuses her for being like her mother who ran away leaving him to get married to someone else.

Prerna scolds him for blabbering nonsense and asks him to let her speak. On the other hand Kaushik and Monish are still searching file to prove Kukki’s innocence. He says that either they would find the papers or they themselves will confess the truth that they are the culprits. He says he will protect Kukki at any cost.

 Kukki says Bajaj that her car broke down and her college mate came there to help her. She says they went to have tea so that mechanic repairs the car in the meantime. She says them holding-hands is just for normal helping nature. Driver comes there and says that Kukki’s car is repaired.

Bajaj leaves and Prerna hugs Kukki asking her to not to take her father’s words to heart. Anurag finds the papers and wonders why did Prerna make such a big mistake by signing it. Komolika comes in search of him when Chandrika calls her. She introduces herself as Chandrika but Komolika cuts the call.

The papers fall under the bed and Anurag tries taking it but couldn’t. He angrily comes out and confronts Komolika. However they get disturbed by Chandrika’s call and Anurag asks her to give the phone to him. Komolika makes an excuse and goes to the room and attends the call while Anurag gets mad.

Kaushik and Monish are searching for the papers and finally found the termination papers signed by Anurag. Watchmen wonders what’s so valuable in it that they’ve come to steal and slowly approaches Monish and Kaushik.

 They both spot watchman and tries escaping via another door but it’s locked. Kukki wonders if Kaushik is just her friend and recalls their moments together. She realizes that she really likes Kaushik and she needs to share it with Prerna.

Komolika picks Chandrika’s call who says that Sneha is alive. Komolika doesn’t believe her and scolds her. Chandrika says that Prerna has visited the orphanage and sends her the picture of Prerna when she came to the orphanage to give orphanage papers. Komolika says what’s the proof tha6 Sneha is alive and Chandrika recalled what happened in the past.

 She says she tried calling her back then but her number was changed. Komolika wants to see Sneha and promises to come to orphanage. Chandrika cuts the call an thinks that Sneha is once again going to her lot money. Anurag confronts Nivedhita about the papers and asks her about the deal because of which Prerna signed it.

Nivedhita lies that she doesn’t know and notices Anurag’s care for Prerna. She scolds Anurag for caring about Prerna and Anurag says that Prerna is very important and the only valuable thing in his life shocking Komolika.

Precap : Komolika gets shocked knowing Samidha is Sneha.