Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th September 2020 Written Update: Prerna learns about Kukki’s love interest

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The episode starts with Chandrika decides to cheat on Komolika. Komolika comes there and Chandrika fake praises her. She shows her a child covered with blanket. Komolika removes the blanket and gets shocked seeing Samidha. Komolika confronts Chandrika that it’s not Sneha but Samidha who’s very close to Prerna.

Chandrika says that they named her Samidha on the memory of an earlier adopted child who got adopted the same day on Samidha’s entry. Komolika plans to use Sneha against Prerna. Bajaj apologizes Kukki for his rude behaviour.

Kaushik and Monish gets trapped in college and watchmen chases after them. They both hide nearby plants but Watchman spots them. He asks them to come out and catches him red-handed. Prerna asks Kukki to say what she wants to say.

Kukki says that she lied to her. She reveals that she really likes him despite her trying to keep him away. Prerna smiles and Kukki asks why’s she smiling. Prerna says that it’s time to celebrate as falling in love is nothing wrong but a beautiful feeling.

Kukki says that she already knows the guy and reveals that it’s Anurag’s cousin Kaushik Basu. Prerna gets happy hearing it. Kaushik and Monish tries escaping but gets caught by Principal who says that she knows why they are there.

Nivedhita is confused whom to support and which is right as Anurag still loves Prerna more than anything. She finds Anupam calling and throws the phone away in anger. Principal says Kaushik that she knew that they would get caught and says that they’ve crossed all their limits today.

 She says that her windows her sealed and if anyone tries to escape its because they were doing something wrong. Komolika asks Chandrika to hide about Sneha to Prerna. Chandrika asks for money in return as Samidha is her retirement plan.

 Komolika slaps Chandrika to not even think about saying it to Prerna. She slaps Chandrika again and Samidha wakes up hearing it. Komolika finalises 10 lakh as seal to keep Chandrika mouth shut and she agrees. Samidha comes there and hears Komolika calling Chandrika as blackmailer but Chandrika sends her in.

Samidha wonders why did she call her so. Bajaj gets Principal’s call where she reveals about Kukki’s cheating and rustication. She says that Kaushik is there to steal the papers that is a proof of her cheating and Kaushik says that Kukki didn’t cheat.

She says Prerna knows it too and Bajaj confronts Prerna and Kukki. He says about Kaushik try to steal the papers shocking Kukki.

Precap : Anurag confronts Komolika about the 51 %stake. Kaushik blurts to Monish that he loves Kukki. Anurag helps Prerna and they both come closer