Kasautii Zindagii Kay 19th September 2020 Written Update: Anurag gets irked with Kaushik

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The episode starts with Bajaj saying Kukki that Kaushik is caught red while he tried to steal the papers that could rusticate her. Anurag and fighting with Komolika about the papers. He asks what did she do for Prerna to sign the papers.

Principal calls him but he cuts the call. Komolika asks him how could he blame her when she’s the one who’s saving Basus from going bankrupt and he should actually praise her. Anurag says he won’t tolerate anything that’s against Prerna. Komolika too hers Principal’s call and she attends it.

Principal apologizes for disturbing her and say that he tried calling Anurag but he didn’t pick up the call. Anurag who hears it in speaker apologizes for not picking up the call and asks the details. Principal says about what Kaushik did and Anurag says that he will come there.

Komolika thinks that she can’t let any misunderstanding to happen between Kukki had Kaushik as their love is another trump card for her. She leaves with him. Kukki is in car with Bajaj and Prerna. Kukki recalls morning incident. They both come back to get their car when Kaushik speaks with the mechanic very close about his family members.

 Kukki asks did he have friends with him too and he says yes. Kukki apologizes for misunderstanding him in the start and says now even if she wishes she can’t be friends with him in the same college. Kaushik says her rustication is not yet completed and asks her not to lose hope. Kukki says there is no hope as the message is sent from her mobile. T

hey both hug and Kaushik promises to solve it at any cost. Kukki realizes that Kaushik did so in order to save her. Principal asks Kaushik and Monish to sit in the corner. Monish shouts at Kaushik for making matters worse. He asks what’s there in the girl that he’s doing this much.

 Kaushik shouts that he loves her. He says it’s because of his mistake she’s in this condition and asks for him not to worry. He says that he will take the blame on him and will not reveal his involvement. Monish apologizes Kaushik.

Komolika who’s with Anurag in car thinks that after Shivani Kukki is Prerna’s weakness and she can’t let her get separated from Kaushik. She thinks that she needs to find all the ways to not let them separate. Prerna too is thinking about Kukki and Kaushik.

 Prerna’s brother comes together to watch TV. Bajaj reaches first and goes inside while Prerna goes to park the car. Komolika too leaves inside while Anurag meets Prerna in the parking. Prerna’s dupatta gets stuck between car door and Anurag helps her.

Prerna is about to fall but Anurag holds her and they both fall in eye lock. Prerna and Anurag recalls their past love moments. Bajaj spots Kaushik and taunts Kukki for being friends with such people. Komolika too comes there and asks Kaushik not to worry. Bajaj says when his own daughter is at fault how could he blame others. Kaushik tries explaining but Bajaj shuts him. Komolika sends watchman to find Anurag. He goes and calls Anurag and both Anurag and Prerna comes to reality. They both goes in. Bajaj is shouting at Principal for not saying about Kukki’s rustication to him.

 Anurag comes there and slaps Kaushik. He says even he trusts Kukki but there’s no solid proof s to prove her innocent. Kaushik confess that it’s him who sent the message using Kukki’s phone and Kukki is innocent shocking everyone.

Precap : Prerna says Anurag that Kukki and Kaushik love each other. Anurag confronts Komolika