Kasautii Zindagii Kay 1st August 2020 Written Update: Komolika creates drama in Engagement

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The episode starts with Veena greeting everyone from Komolika family. They greet each other. Prerna comes there and Bajaj links arms with her for show off. Nivedhita face shrinks but Mohini lifts her mood up saying that they can leave each other anytime. Moloy greets Veena and her family. He introduces Kaushik and Monu who are the online new faces there. Prerna too introduces Kukki. Kukki gets irritated with Kaushik presence. She takes everyone inside while Komolika calls Prerna aside. Prerna goes with her.

Komolika taunts Prerna for still having a middle class mentality even after being married to the rich Bajaj. She calls the decorations classless and taunts her for the same. She leaves from there after insulting Prerna. However Prerna follows her and asks what does she mean by classless. Komolika says that it’s her only brother engagement and she wanted only the best for him. She taunts her for her crap decorations. Prerna reminds her that it’s just yesterday she decided about the engagement and to the top of it the thing you are taunting is actually decorated by her mother and no one can say a word about it. Komolika and Nivedhita enjoys their cat fight. Shivani comes down and Ronit and Komolika notices it. Komolika immediately tunes down her attitude and speaks polite with Prerna. Ronit asks them to let it be as he likes the decoration. Komolika says when the groom himself likes it then it’s okay. But however she asks her to change the white flower as its inauspicious according to Ronit’s kundali and Prerna agrees. Shivani thanks Prerna for adjusting for her even when she doesn’t believe in all this. Kukki asks why they are keeping quite and calls Komolika strange. Veena says that they are used to it.

Ronit follows Komolika who’s fuming at him for insulting her in front of everyone. He reminds her of their plan to keep Shivani in fake happiness and thus he took her family’s sides. Komolika calls him smart and says that even she created the drama so that no one gets doubtful on her. Prerna is changing the decoration while Priyanka helps her. She calls Komolika weird for picking on flowers but Prerna says that wrong people finds wrong on everything. Priyanka leaves with a call and Bajaj comes there. Prerna thinking it to be Priyanka gives the flowers to him and he starts helping her keeping his mobile aside. Prerna soon notices it’s Bajaj and loses her balance but Bajaj holds her. Prerna thinks that Bajaj should not know Komolika’s drama and Bajaj leaves. He then finds his phone missing and goes it. At the same time Prerna wonders why didn’t Anurag attend both the launch party as well as engagement. Bajaj hears it and Prerna thinks that he would’ve misunderstood. She goes to him and explains him but Bajaj says that he knows about her and doesn’t want all the explanation. Prerna leaves indirectly asking him not to drink. Nivedhita tries hitting on Bajaj but Bajaj warns her to behave.

Precap : Sneha and Prerna gets stuck in fire. Anurag comes to their rescue.