Kasautii Zindagii kay 20th January 2020 Written Update: Viraj overhears Komolika’s plan to murder Prerna

Episode starts with Anurag moves from terrace thinking Prerna confession is not for him. Antav reminsces how Viraj meet him and asks will Prerna can understand my love and reciprocate same feelings because at first I said like I want to marry for family but later proposed her because don’t know when I fell in love with her. Anurag says she is Prerna and anyone can fall for her maybe you fell in love with her in the first meet but it’s just late realisation. Viraj says true but I’m getting nervous thinking what will be her reply. Anurag asks him to relax and says everything will be fine. Anurag thinks Prerna loves Viraj and why didn’t I stop her when she proposing me while thinking me as Viraj.

Viraj sees Prerna on swing and asks her to reply for his confession. Anurag notice him and says she is sleeping. Viraj helps Prerna and takes her to room.

Ronit says work is done. Komolika says everyone will get their gifts and asks where is Prerna. Ronit says in van. Komolika gets angry seeing Shivani slaps Ronit and questions Ronit whom did you brought. She shows Prerna pic to waiters and ask them to bring her.

Viraj thinks who gave alcohol to Prerna even she Pregnant. Anurag reminsces about Prerna confession. Komolika notice Anurag and asks him what happened. He nods nothing. Komolika thinks maybe medicines are working and leaves to search for Prerna.

Waiters places Shivani in room and notices Prerna in bed. Komolika asks them to take Prerna. They takes Prerna. Komolika says I’m leaving you Shivani because you’re unconscious and I will cut your Priyu Di. Viraj informs Veena about Prerna is at first room and says she is inebriated. Veena gets shocked and says we will take her to home.

Moloy asks everyone to join the cake cutting. Anurag and Nivedita cuts the cake. Shivani gets concious. Komolika gets waiter fall saying work is done, she ask them to take Prerna. At far Prerna gets concious and says Anurag. He feels it but Waiters ties her mouth. Shivani sees from upstairs waiters are taking Prerna and informs this to Anurag. Everyone gets shocked. Anurag and Viraj run to save her.

Nivedita say why will anyone kidnap her. Mohini says my son left this party to save her and don’t know when he will stop doing this. Komolika thinks my persons are still at venue and it will be problem if Anurag caught the. Nivedita asks Mohini to relax seeing Sonalika.

Komolika moves to her room saying I have to take tablet because in drowsy. Nivedita says ok. Komolika calls Ronit and he says everything is under control and I’m taking Prerna with me in tempo after giving the doss. Anurag chases tempo to save Prerna. Ronit informs this to Komolika, she gets tensed thinking Anurag may get memory seeing Ronit and everyone will know my plans. Ronit asks her to relax when he about to hang the call. Komolika asks him to keep on call and asks him to kill Prerna. Ronit ties cloth to his face and says let me focus on one thing and if I kill her murder blame is on me. Komolika says why are tensed for Murder and she turns and notices Viraj is hearing her.

Precap – Shivani confronts Komolika and asks you’re the one who kidnapped Di right. Anurag overtakes truck. Police says while you’re chasing they may changed Prerna to car and it’s done by some group and we will try our level best to catch them. Mohini says anyone can kidnap Prerna from any place. Viraj asks how can you talk in this way. Moloy says she is thankless lady.