Kasautii Zindagii kay 21st January 2020 Written Update: Anurag promises Veena to bring Prerna safely

Episode starts with Komolika cuts the call seeing Viraj and says I’m asking to Prepare fish curry for Mom. Viraj says I came here to inform Anurag went behind kidnappers and Veena aunty no is dropping and Moloy uncle said you have tablets. Komolika says yeah I will send with debuda and don’t take stress.

 Shivani confronts Komolika and asks you kidnapped my di na. Anurag overtakes truck. Komolika says I didn’t do it, why will I kidnap her when I know Prerna is moving out from our life marrying Viraj and maybe Viraj kidnapped her to spend time with her. Shivani says Viraj is not like you. Komolika warns her to control her tongue and sends her out.

Ronit contacts jagga and asks him to bring the vehicle. They changes Prerna to Car. Anurag stops the truck and he leaves Jagga car. Ronit smirks thinking how his plan is working. Anurag questions Driver about Prerna. Driver asks him to check. Anurag didn’t get anything.

Anurag lodges complaint in police station. They asks any suspicion on persons. Anurag says I can’t point out but got to know this kidnap from Shivani and gives the truck number. Anurag says I didn’t get Prerna inside the truck and Anurag says I had drove ahead to overtake the tempo. Inspector says that time they have shifted Prerna to other vehicle, we will try our best to find her.

Prerna leaves clues when vehicle is changing the direction. Moloy contacts commissioner and asks his help to find Prerna. Commissioner says I will arrange special team to search her. Viraj feels happy. Mohini says it’s the time Veena and her family must leave our house because they already spoiled our party. Moloy sees her angrily. Mohini says Prerna could have got kidnapped from any place asks Veena to leave. Viraj asks how can you say this about Prerna. Moloy says she is such a thankless lady.

Nivedita agrees with Mohini and says our happiness is changing to tension because of Prerna. Shivani tries to counter her Nivedita stope,. Moloy shouts to stop when Veena and Mohini are fighting with words. Veena cries. Komolika consoles Veena and tginks I can’t reveal my real intentions.

Jaggu takes Prerna to his location. Ronit leaves from that place saying I will be back in 30m. Anurag thinks to search for Prerna. Prerna says I don’t think you want to kidnap me so please leave me. Goon says you’re pregnant so don’t take stress, I won’t kill you, the one who paid us will kill you. Prerna asks them to think about her unborn baby. Jagga heart get soften. Other goons stops Prerna and says I will kill you. Jagga throws him and says we won’t touch her and once who paid us will do their work. Prerna asks who are they.

Anurag comes back to home and inform kidnapper escape and his poilve complaint. Veena cries saying Prerna is pregnant also. Anurag makes a promise to a Veena saying I will bring Prerna and her baby safely and leaves to search her. Komolika thinks what will happen to me if Anurag founds Prerna.

Precap – Komolika confronts Prerna with gun and says one from us will live and that’s me. Jagga ties Prerna hands.  Anurag reaches Prerna location. Komolika gets shocked seeing him. Jagga throws her from clip. Anurag jumps to hold her. Prerna shouts Anurag.