Kasautii Zindagii Kay 21st September 2020 Written Update: Prerna reveals about Kukki and Kaushik’s love to Anurag

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The episode starts with Anurag asking the reason for his behaviour to Kaushik. Kaushik reveals that he’s the one who leaked the papers and wanted to save Kukki as he’s guilty.

Monish gets worried about his name being involved and says the same. Kukki gets heartbroken and leaves the place and Prerna goes after her. Kukki says that Kaushik has did very wrong with her. She says she started having feelings for him. Prerna thinks that everyone in the household is stone hearted who doesn’t value others feelings. Anurag requests Principal to take back Kukki in the college. He also asks to rusticate Kaushik and Monish.

Monish pleads Anurag but he shuts him. Bajaj taunts Anurag for such a simple punishment for Kaushik. Anurag argue with him. Komolika intervenes and asks them not to spoil the life of children. He says he really repented his mistakes and that’s the reason he wanted to help Kukki.

Anurag asks why’s she interested in it and asks her to stay in her limits. He asks her to stick to her character. He says that Kaushik is very close to his heart and whatever punishment he gets hurts him too. Bajaj taunts Anurag and they both argue. Bajaj leaves.

Kaushik apologizes Kukki and says that he wanted her back in college because he loves her. Kukki denies believing him. Kaushik says that when he sent the message he didn’t knew that it was her mobile.

Monish says Kukki that it was him who stole the papers. He says that it’s him who made the mistake and forced him to leak the papers in the fear of exams. Kukki asks Kaushik to leave and never show his face to her. Monish leaves and Kaushik pleads Kukki. Prerna asks Kaushik to leave too and Anurag too says the same. Prerna thinks that she needs to speak with Anurag about Kaushik and Kukki.

Prerna tales Anurag aside and asks if he couldn’t see them in love. Anurag gets shocked and asks how does she know. Prerna says to Anurag that she can see that and when someone is in love they can do anything for the other no matter if its good or bad. Anurag thinks of doing the same for Prerna.

Anurag and Prerna have their own monologue about the incident 8 years back. Prerna thinks he did for hate while Anurag thinks that he did that for the love for her. Bajaj calls Prerna and she leaves. Anurag thinks that Prerna thinks that he’s the one who rusticated Kukki and wanted to demolish the orphanage.

Samidha wonders why did they speak about Prerna and decides to say about it to Priyanka. Nivedhita gets Anupam’s call and she cuts it. She thinks that how dare he to call her after what he did with her. She thinks that she would never want to talk with him.

Anurag stops Kaushik but Komolika asks him to let it go. Anurag asks why did she care. Komolika says that she needs to show the care so that Kaushik believes that she’s his side. She wants to control him just like Ronit. She says that she just wants to help but Anurag lashes out at her saying that she’s anything but good.

Komolika leaves and hides watching them. Anurag asks about his love for Kaushik and he asks if Komolika said it. Anurag scolds him for saying it to Komolika. He says that he can understand his love but at the same time he did do mistake and will get his punishment.

Anurag gives advice about love and asks him to stand by Kukki at any cost. Kaushik is still guilty and Anurag asks him to call her and apologize her. Anurag thinks that both his and Kaushik’s love is true.

Precap : Bajaj confront Prerna about the papers. Komolika acknowledges to blackmail Prerna and blames him for not worrying about company.

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