Kasautii Zindagii Kay 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna comes closer for Kukki

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The episode starts with Kukki apologizing Bajaj but Bajaj taunts her. He scolds Reran for hiding too. Prerna decides to say about 51% stake to Bajaj. Anurag confronts Komolika about the stake. Komolika agrees and says that she did snatch it.

Bajaj scolds Prerna for giving away the stake to Anurag and expresses his disappointment on her. He accuses her for having feelings for Anurag still. Komolika says that she did get the 51%staie for their company’s reputation. She blames him for not worrying about the company.

Prerna says she gave away the stake as it was Komolika’s condition. She says about the orphanage land belonging to Anurag and Komolika. Prerna says that she promised Samidha to save her orphanage and so didn’t have any other option. Bajaj still scolds her for her stupid decision. Prerna says that she will do anything for Samidha as Samidha is her daughter. She says that she would give away anything for Samidha.

Prerna says that she can do anything for Samidha as she considers her as her Sneha. She says that not only him but the world may also consider her as fool for her decision but for her nothing matters more than Samidha. Komolika says that she got the sign by threatening Prerna with the orphanage. She threatens to reveal her dark side and warns him to not provoke her.

Kaushik is lost in Kukki’s thoughts. He texts her apologizing her but didn’t send it. Kukki too types the text but didn’t send. Kaushik calls Kukki but she doesn’t pick up the call. He again calls her and she picks it up. Kukki asks did she have food and Kukki says she’s not hungry. He asks her to have for him but she cuts the call and leaves. Prerna recalls Bajaj’s words and her moments with Anurag. Prerna wonders why is she thinking about Anurag so much.

Anurag gets hiccups. Prerna gets Anurag’s call who asks if she’s thinking about him. He asks her to say so that his hiccups stop. She recalls Samidha doing the same. Anurag says that he’s feeling better now. Prerna is about to say that he’s like Samidha but stops in the middle. Anurag thinks Sneha is also like him.

Prerna asks if he called to ask this but Anurag says he called to ask about Kukki. She says she’s fine and he cuts the call. Anurag thinks that Komolika did good by signing the deal as he can now watch Prerna daily in office.
Next morning Prerna enters the cabin where Anurag is. She’s about to leave when Anurag calls her.

They both argue. Prerna says that just because he has 51% stake doesn’t mean he takes the decision. She says that it will be her who takes the decision. Anurag agrees and says that she’s more talented to take decision. Prerna taunts him. Bajaj comes there and says about parking indirectly referring to Prerna. Anurag understands it and replies back. Bajaj leaves taunting him.

Anurag asks if Kukki is fine but Prerna says that she’s not and asks him to ask Kaushik to call her. Anurag calls Kaushik to office. At home, Nivedhita slips and is about to fall down but Anupam catches her. Komolika is upset as Anupam who is a supporter of Anurag and Prerna is back.

Precap : Mohini tries throwing Anupam out of the house as he has separated From Nivedhita long back. Anupam says that they are just separated but not divorced. Komolika asks Prerna to announce that she’s the owner of Bajaj company but Bajaj keeps a condition.