Kasautii Zindagii kay 23rd January 2020 Written Update: Mohini gets shocked with Moloy warning

Episode starts with jagga and others come inside and ask him where is Prernsa. He says boss said to kill her so I’m excited to kill her but she breaked my leg and escaped. Jagga asks other goons to search her. Prerna notice them from behind boxes and jagga founds her. Prerna throws wood powder in his eyes and escapes to jungle. Goons searches her. Viraj and Anurag notices some people and follows them and questions who are you guys.

Jagga and others found Prerna behind tree when they about to reach her snake comes in their way. They tried to scare the snake with stick than Prerna escapes again. Otherwise people says we stay here and chasing tiger to kill it because it’s harming our animals and who are you. Viraj says sorry we missed the path. Anurag thinks don’t know where is Prerna.  

Moloy assess Shivani and Mahesh, Anurag will find the Prerna. Veena continuously rings the temple bell. Mohini asks her to stop this noise and drama. Moloy takes Mohini from that place.

Anurag drops Viraj at his house. Viraj asks are you going to home. Anurag says yes. Than Viraj thinks I can’t go to home when Prerna life is at risk and he goes in his car to search her. Otherside Anurag also thinks I have find Prerna and reminsces his moments with her at terrace.

Moloy asks you can act like good one for sometimes and Prerna is missing and she is carrying our grand kid, you don’t search or worry for her but atleast talk properly to others. Mohini says I hate it when you fight with me for others. Moloy warns to tell everything to Anurag if Mohini didn’t change her ways. Mohini gets stunned. He asks her to decide. Mohini asks him this matter changed to another level, you’re warning me and ready to put our Anurag life at risk, I hate you. Moloy asks her to hate me but don’t disturb my friend family otherwise I will tell to Anurag.

Komolika searches for Jagga and Ronit in den. She founds Jagga and asks him where is Prerna dead body or atleast her body pics. Jagga and other goons get tensed and Jagga says she escaped from us while hurting one of our man and we didn’t found her because jungle is very big. Komolika gets angry and slaps him and asks him to get Prerna. Jagga says tough to find because we are already searched and she is nowhere. Komolika asks than where is Prerna.

Prerna reaches some house and she knocks the door to take their help but she lost her concious. One lady comes out from house and notices unconscious Prerna. She takes Prerna inside with others help. Her husband asks who’s she. That woman says seems like she needs help and now it’s our responsibility to help her from those goons. He calls his men and ask them to guard the house. She checks Prerna and Prerna gets concious. That woman says I’m doctor of this village. Prerna ask for phone to call her husband. They looks on.

Precap – Komolika asks Goons to tie Prerna to vehicle than confronts Prerna with gun and says one of our wish will get fulfilled and that’s mine. Jagga and Ronit ties Prerna hands.  Anurag reaches Prerna location and runs to her. Komolika gets shocked seeing him. Jagga pushes her from clip. Anurag jumps to hold her. Prerna shouts Anurag.