Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th September 2020 Written Update: Prerna finds her long lost daughter

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Episode begins with Komolika angry at Prerna, while Prerna says that you should have signed the papers after reading it, so it’s your loss. Komolika goes from there, Prerna wonder how Mr. Bajaj manged to do so. Later she calls Anurag and asks him to pay 1 crore to her as Basu industries in thier debt and says she has told Komolika about same and total debt is of 2 crores. Anurag says okay, after the call he thinks how for the first time Komolika is getting the taste of her own medicine.

In Basu mansion, Mohini comes to Malloy and discusses about how every marriage has it’s flaws. Malloy agrees and says you also have many fault but I always accepted it. He also requests Mohini not to influence Nivedita’s decision for Anupam. To which Mohini says that Nivi doesn’t like Anupam, that guy is not right for Nivi. Molloy gives her their own example of how Mohini’s dad also always considered Malloy not a decent guy and if he would have been here now seeing Malloy with so much success then also he would have said the same things. Mohini sticks on her point.

At the ashram, Samedha and Priyanka are having a conversation where Priyanka finds out how Chandrika dragged Samedha to her room and her finger prints were there on Samedha’s arms. She is shocked and curious when Samedha tells her that Chandrika was talking to Komolika about something to be kept hidden.

On the other hand, Shivani comes near Ronit’s house and calls him. Ronit is irritated and tells his friend how Shivani is very clingy and immature, with this attitude she will always cry. He also adds up how he will make shivani pay for all the times Prerna made his sister Komolika suffer. Just then Police comes and Ronit and his friends run.

The chase goes on and suddenly Ronit sees Shivani and goes to hug her, seeing the situation he drops the drugs into shivani’s purse. When Police comes to find them, Ronit says how Shivani her fiance called so he came running to meet her. Police inspector searched Ronit but finds nothing. Police inspector gets a call and they leave.

After police leaves, Ronit says to Shivani how inspector suspect of drugs so easily and on anyone. Shivani walks away from Ronit, to which Ronit comes to her and says what happened. She says I thought you would change from my love and care but you are still the same and you won’t ever change. Ronit says I have changed, trust me. Shivani says then how come you knew they are searching for drugs, police never mentioned that. To this Ronit is shocked.

Here, we see Nivi in her room thinking about what Malloy said about Anupam and his business, she checks on internet and thinks Malloy said the truth, Anupam has really worked so hard in past years and started an industry on her name. She was happy but at the same time she thought, Anupam will soon become lazy again and stop working.

Mohini is hearing this from behind and listening to how Nivi is not trusting Anupam, she smiles and goes. Just then Nivi gets a call from Anupam. Anupam tries to confess his feelings to Nivi, to whic Nivi gets very emotional. Anupam says just tell me that you will consider our relationship and just see how hard I will work and that will pull you towards me. Nivi is quite, to which Anupam says don’t worry I understood your silence. The call ends.

Here at ashram, Priyanka comes to Chandrika and confronts her about her behaviour with Samedha. Chandrika says Prerna never did anything for them, it was all because of the rivalry between Prerna and Kamolika. Chandrika also emphasis on how all the fees and expenses are managed by her with her saving done from the money from Komolika. She also adds how they should take advantage of this and earn extra.

Priyanka is against it. Priyanka then asks Chandrika, why did Komolika played so huge amount to her. Chandrika reveals that Komolika paid me to keep Prerna’s daughter away from her. She adds that Samedha is Prerna’s daughter, Komolika handed Samedha when she was just few days old. To this Priyanka is shocked, she remembers all the incident between Samedha and Prerna. Priyanka gets emotional.

At Bajaj mansion, Prerna comes to Mr. Bajaj and thanks him for planning such an amazing deal. Mr. Bajaj later asks what was the reaction of Anurag, Prerna said he was pretending to be cool but I am sure he is shocked too.

Here, on road Shivani is angry and upset, Ronit acts innocent but Shivani shows the drugs that Ronit put in her bag and confronts Ronit about how he and Komolika made plans to make her their slave. She says that I heard your both’s conversation. Ronit is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priyanka comes to Prerna and asks her to adopt Samedha, on thw parallel, Komolika comes to Chandrika and says she wants to adopt Samedha, to this Chandrika refuses as this would mean her income source is over. But Komolika is very serious about it so, she says how much you want, and then tells Chandrika that she will pay double the amount. On the contrary, Priyanka makes Prerna leave for ashram quickly.

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