Kasautii Zindagii Kay 29th November 2019 Written Update: Komolika challenges Prerna

Episode starts with Prerna says I have Anurag’s love, mangalsutra, sindoor and his child in my womb, its sign of our love unlike you. Komolika says I won’t leave you. Ronit asks Shivani tokeep Prerna away from Komolika way if she loves him. Prerna says Shivani never loves a person like you and warns him to stay away.

Shivani asks what’s their next step. Prerna says Komolika knows I won’t reveal anything to Anurag but I can stay near him so take me to Basu house. Mohini asks Komolika why didn’t she answer her calls. Komolika moves saying why to disturb her with calls. Anurag notice it and when he about to ask Sonalika, Mohini stops him saying Sonalika tensed. Seeing Preena, Anurag asks her to join in paper presentation. Sonalika throws everything in her room than gets scared thinking what if Anurag enters.

Anurag thanks Prerna for file and praises her look and glow. Prerna smiles. Anurag asks her to take rest tomorrow if you want because we have tulsu vivah pooja. Prerna says she will come to pooja and goes Saying Shivani is waiting for me.

Komolika confronts Prerna and says I will snatch your smile very soon. Prerna moves saying she gets bored with her filmy dialogues. Komolika says I will make your mangalsutra as decorative dhaga and challenges Prerna to stop it if she can because tomorrow at tulsi pooja Anurag gonna tie mangalsutra to me Infront of everyone unlike you. Prerna says you can’t do anything. Komolika says let’s see.

Next day Sonalika says she is getting positive vibe because of pooja. Mohini smiles. Sonalika says can I ask you one gift from you. Mohini agrees. Sonalika asks her do their marriage Infront of everyone in Tulsa pooja so she won’t get any insecurities because of Prerna. Mohini agrees and says Anurag is your husband and noone can snatch him from you and thinks Moloy also can’t do anything if marriage happens and Prerna also will get the message Anurag belongs to someone.

Everyone at pooja and Anurag waits for Prerna and he feels happy seeing her presence and when tries to stand-up , Sonalika stops him saying it won’t good to move from pooja. Anurag helps Prerna to sit beside him. Pandit asks everyone to stand up for Aarti.

After Aarti, Mohini says Anurag and Sonalika’s marriage didn’t happen in front of the society so I want Anurag to fill her maang and make her wear mangalsutra. Prerna gets tensed and tries to stop him but stays silent reminding Komolika words about his health. Prerna prays to Tulsi maa. She sees Fan and switches it on. When Anurag about to apply Sindhoor,Diya blows off by the wind and atmosphere gets smoky. Anurag moves to stop the fan and by mistake he puts Sindhoor in Prerna Maang. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap – Anurag ties Mangalsutra to Prerna. Mohini and Komolika gets shocked. Komolika offers money to servant to do her work. Sonalika watches when Prerna places her leg on current wire. Anurag caughts servant with money.