Kasautii Zindagii Kay 9th September 2020 Written Update: Prerna confused about Anurag’s intentions

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The episode starts with Samidha covering Prerna with the shawl. She scolds her for not taking care of herself. Priyanka comes there and gets surprised at their unique relationship. Prerna spots Priyanka and asks her to come in.

Priyanka asks Samidha if they can leave. Samidha wants to stay and Prerna asks if she can stay there for the night. Priyanka says that Samidha has test the next day and wants to teach other children. Prerna understands and sends off Samidha.

Anurag is looking at the moon and says that he can’t bear the hatred in Prerna’s eyes anymore. He says that he couldn’t tolerate to fall in the eyes of Prerna. Anurag asks moon to show him the right way. He recalls Prerna saying that whenever she feels confused she’ll speak with the moon.

Prerna too is looking at the moon and is thinking why does she still feel some soft spot for Anurag. She says that she’s sure he saved her in order to get her project but still her heart finds comfort in him. She wonders if her heart is so weak to fall once again for Anurag. She recalls Anurag saving her. Anurag bumps with Komolika. She wants to say something but Anurag if ignores her. Komolika fumes.

Prerna is still standing by the window and Mr. Bajaj takes her in. He scolds John for not warming up the room heat. Prerna asks if he’s tensed as he missed the flight and couldn’t attend the function. Bajaj scolds her for being so careless and Prerna teases him.

Bajaj leaves. Anurag is drinking recalling the time when he pushed Prerna into the river. He says that he made a big mistake in the name of saving Prerna. He says that he very well knew that he would only be left with loneliness after the incident but still he did so. He says that he wants Prerna back in his life as he can’t tolerate it anymore. Anurag is lost in Prerna’s thoughts. Komolika finds Anurag lost and understand that he’s thinking about Prerna.

She fumes as he never touched her all these years but kissed Prerna when he got the chance. She says that no matter what it is he’s her husband and she’ll not let Prerna win. She wishes for Prerna to sign the contract and let her set foot on Bajaj city. Kukki is lost in Kaushik’s confession and wonders what to answer him if he proposes his love for her. Kaushik calls Kukki and asks about Prerna’s health.

Kukki says she’s fine and asks if he called to ask only this. He says yes and Kukki cuts the call. Shivani recalls the time Anurag saving Prerna and is tensed for her. Veena asks what’s she thinking and Shivani tells about Anurag. Veena cuts her talks abruptly.

She says that Anurag has noting to do with Prerna anymore and she’s Mr. Bajaj’s wife. Prerna dreams of Anurag in danger and Wales up panicking. Kukki rushes to her and asks what happened. Prerna thinks why did she dream of Anurag in danger and feels she needs to save him. She wonders from whom.

Precap : Anurag says Komolika that Prerna can be Bajaj’s wife but for him she’s not. Komolika says Nivedhita that if Anurag gets to know this he would be upset but she’ll manage him. Prerna overhears their conversation.