Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 13th January 2020: Viraj feels uncomfortable seeing Anurag and Prerna pics from engagement

Episode starts with Nivedita takes Anurag for breakfast. Anupam meets Prerna and assures her Anurag will get his memory very soon. Prerna says I’m waiting for that day. Mohini asks servants to throw her sleeping pills bottle. Moloy asks it’s your tablets right. Mohini says because of these tables Im not with Anurag when he is sick. Anurag takes tablets fro debuda and consoles Mohini hugging her.

At breakfast table Moloy gets call from Rai about 2020 celebration. Nivedita says arrangements are done. Moloy asks Prerna to bring her family. Mohini says bring your future husband Viraj. Komolika agrees and asks Prerna to attend the party with Viraj.

Shivani says Komolika will get angry whenever Anurag is regaining his memory so we have to be careful in party. Prerna says I’m ready to face her and tomorrow I will attend the party with Viraj and it can make Anurag remember more things seeing us.

Komolika says I have to remove Prerna from my way in this party, kill her. Ronit says seeing her in danger Anurag may get his memory and we don’t want that to happen. Komolika says than what I can do. Ronit says I will kidnap her from venue and take far from you.

Anurag thinks why I’m seeing Prerna everytime. Viraj feels uncomfortable seeing Prerna and Anurag pics from engagement and he thought to talk with Prerna and breaks this rishta if Anurag and Prerna share more than friendship.
Next day Moloy receives Prerna family. Veena says Priyu forced us so we came. Mohini says Prerna you’re not allowed here without Viraj. Everyone gets stunned. Mohini says I’m joking. She says Viraj on the way. Moloy takes family members to meet Rajesh friends.

Mohini asks Prerna to think about her husband not others ahusband. Prerna says yes I’m thinking about my husband, hope you got the answer. Mohini thinks celebration is when you leave from our lives.

Prerna meets Komolika. She says I saw dream at morning about your marriage with Viraj. Prerna says maybe you’re not sleeping but how much you want to seperate us that much we reunite with eachother. Mohini calls Sonalika.
Anurag searches for his mas in her room.

Prerna enters same room to adjust her blouse. Seeing her Anurag tries to help her and he gets flashes of past. Mohini and Komolika enters room and sends Prerna saying your mom is calling. Anurag says I want to talk with you guys.

Mohini says first have your tablets and I have important work, she takes Komolika with her and says their is something between Prerna and Anurag in the past so he may feel guilty so we have to keep those things hidden. Komolika asks what’s between them. Mohini says they are not couple bit something and leaves from that place.

Viraj meets Prerna and praises her look. He thinks I come here to say I can’t marry but I’m unable say. Viraj gives bouquet to Prerna and Anurag sees them. Prerna asks him what you want to say. Viraj leaves saying I will be back after call and compliments her smile. Anurag thinks why I’m feeling jealous. Ronit disguises himself as servant. He gets call and he says get ready I’m coming to kidnap Prerna.

Precap – Ronit asks what you want to have. Komolika says I want Prerna. Ronit shows Prerna pic to other waiters and says we have to kidnap Prerna Infront of everyone. Anurag dances with Prerna and Viraj with Komolika. Viraj says I will dance with Prerna so you can join Anurag. Komolika says Anurag likes Prerna and want to dance with her.