Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 16th December 2019: Komolika tries to kill Prerna baby

Episode starts with Komolika says I will kill Prerna baby by myself. Ronit says you will get caught in CCTV footage. Komolika says one of the nurse will caught and enters nurse cabin and wears their dress with mask.

Anurag waits for Dr Kumar and went to meet him at his cabin and says I don’t want other doctors to check Prerna except you. Dr Kumar says I didn’t assign any work to other doctor plus other doctors won’t allow to involve in someone’s case. He says come I will check Prerna.

Komolika enters Prerna ward and says your destiny is favouring you until now but you can’t escape from me and your child will bear my punishment.

Dr Kumar enters ward with Anurag and questions Sister who are you.  Komolika says I’m assistant to Dr somesh. Dr Kumar asks her to leave saying I have my own team. Komolika leaves from room. Veena and Shivani enquiries about Prerna room number. Anurag asks who is Dr somesh. Kumar says this hospital have many doctors and goes to check Prerna reports.

Komolika says I’m unable to control my hands because of my anger and Prerna want me to behave like Komolika to send me out from Anurag life but I don’t let her win this time. Komolika asks Ronit to Keep Dr Kumar away from Anurag. Ronit requests Dr Kumar to check his pregnant sis. When he enters the ward Komolika hits and makes him unconscious.

Veena cries seeing Prerna. ANurag says Prerna and kid both are fine. Veena leaves from room and Says Anurag don’t remember anything but still cares for Prerna kid. Anurag comes to them and consoles Veena.

Komolika tries to go into the Prerna ward. Anurag asks her who is she. Ronit enters like doctor and asks her to check Prerna Bp. Komolika enters Prerna ward. Veena questions Anurag whether he didn’t remember anything from last 2years. Anurag says no but sometimes I’m getting flashes and want to know about them. Anurag questions Veena whether she knows about it. Veena says no.

Komolika tries to kill the baby. Moloy enters with Anupam and goes to check Prerna. Komolika hides Listening their steps sound. Ronit stops Moloy saying Prerna needs rest. Compounder takes Ronit from that place saying they have emergency. Veena asks about Prerna doctor Kumar. Anurag takes her to doctor room.

Komolika uses knife to hurt baby and says now you will experience the real pain Prerna. She gets slight consciousness. Moloy and others waits for Dr Kumar at his cabin. Anurag leaves from that place. Shivani thinks where is her going and caughts Ronit face in window mirror and follows him. Komolika says you have to know onething before leaving this world and ie Anurag belongs to me and bye Prerna now you can’t come between us. When she tries to harm the baby, Anurag enters the ward and Komolika gets shocked.

Precap – Shivani sees Ronit in doctor apron and thinks their is something wrong. Anurag checks Prerna. Komolika thinks Prerna kid must die before entering the world and stabs Prerna with Knife.