Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 27th November 2019: Prerna revealed Komolika truth Infront of Anurag

The episode starts with Shivani says Sonalika is Komolika because she saw with her eyes while she performing Kajal rasam to Ronit. Prerna says she will brings out real face of Komolika Infront of everyone.
Anurag gets Prerna resume in his papers. Seeing her working experience at Basu enterprises he thinks why they hides this from him. He notice her favourite place is Switzerland and he gets blurry flases of their moments and voice of Prerna. He thinks whether voice is belongs to Prerna.

Prerna and Shivani searches for Komolika. Ronit says to Komolika he felt happy because of her presence. Komolika says sweet and plans to leave before anyone sees her. She went to room to take her belongings. Prerna confronts Komolika an slaps her. Ronit shout on Prerna how dare you. But she stops him says I know that you’re Komolika not Sonalika it’s time to reveal it Infront of everyone.

Komolika gets mad. Prerna says she got her first doubt because of her behaviour in their house. Komolika says She came to attend her friend Sanaya engagement and her Fiancée is just helping her. She questions who’s Komolika. Prerna says Komolika is witch and questions why you perform Kajal rasam to Ronit.

Komolika says yes you’re right and I’m Komolika and came to take my revenge on Basu family and says Except Anurag noone will believe you and Ronit knows how to stop this. Ronit says yes. Komolika leaves the place saying never show your face to me.

Ronit strangles Prerna neck. Shivani hits him from back and saves Prerna. Komolika thinks I can’t allow Prerna or Shivani to spoil my plan and comes back to room and shouts on them for Ronit state. Prerna throws komolika and locks the room. Komolika comes out of the room breaking the lock and searched for Prerna.

Komolika notice Prerna car and follows them. She uses short cut route and hits Prerna car. All r drowsy because of sudden hit. Prerna wakesup Shivani and they both move from car. Shivani sends Prerna from that place in auto.

Komolika notice Shivani and hits her from back with rod. Shivani gets unconscious. Prerna enter Anurag house and shouts Anurag names. Mohini asks why she shouting. Prema says Sonalika is Komolika and enter their after plastic surgery.

Komolika enters and says this girl is mad. Mohini says Sonalika is her bahu and she is the reason of Anurag survival. Mohini says Komolika is dead. Sonalika says who is Komolika and why you want to snatch Anurag from me. Mohini asks Prerna to stop her drama. Prerna says she will inform to Anurag and Sonalika and Mohini tries to stop her but she locks the room and asks Anurag do you trust me. Anurag says yes.

Komolika and Mohini asks him to open the door but Prerna stops him and explains to Anurag they love eachother so much and Komolika tries to snatch him. Anurag says he knows this name and gets flashes. Prema says she entered in their life again like Sonalika and explains how he met with accident during their shaadi. Anurag gets confused and asks how it’s possible.

Mohini asks him to open the door. He opens it and Mohini asks him to don’t trust Prerna. Komolika drags Prerna out but Anurag stops her saying Prerna will stay here.

Precap – Anurag throws out Komolika saying bad people don’t have any place in their house and lost his conscious. Nivedita blames Prerna for Anurag death. Prerna gets shocked.