Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 2nd January 2020: Prerna agrees to marry Viraj for Veena

Episode starts with Anurag says Prerna I want you to marry Viraj Bharadwaj, I saw you both atboffice. Prerna gets stunned says how can I marry. Anurag says I know it’s happening fastly but aunty he is good and belongs to good family and explains how Viraj takes care of Prerna at office and I went to his house and met him and his Parents and explained about Prerna and her baby.

Anurag says I got to know from Sonalika you wanted to adopt kid so I thought if you once meet Prerna and likes her than her kid will get both mother and father. Viraj parents asks can we meet her family.

Anurag says once you agree than I will talk with them and shows Prerna photo. Viraj parents like her. Anurag says I have one request if this marriage happened than please allow me to meet Prerna kid because I have some special bond with that baby,that’s just one request from me.

Viraj says I can understand but I’m not yet ready for marriage. Anurag asks him to see Prerna once. Viraj gets surprised seeing her and says I met her already. Anurag says yes and I saw you both and you concern for her. Viraj says yes she needs support. Anurag says if you agree than two incomplete people can become complete. Will you marry her. Viraj agrees.

Anurag says Viraj is perfect for Prerna. Prerna leaves from that place. Anurag get worried, Veena says I will talk with her. Veena says I feel this relation is right for you and your baby. Prerna says Anurag is my baby’s dad.

Veena asks Prerna to accept the proposal. Prerna says I can’t because I remember everything and I don’t need anyone support and Anurag is for me for every janam. Veena says what if hebwon’t remember anything, first think this birth and than talk about other births, she gets panick attack.

Anurag asks Mahesh and Suman to say who is Prerna’s husband and why she ran away when I said about Viraj match. They both stays silent, when Anurag about to leave to Prerna room, Suman stops him saying I will call them.

Veena denies to use inhaler and everyone gets worried. Prerna says I will do this marriage. Veena gets relaxed. Everyone comes downstairs and Prerna says I m ready for the marriage. Anurag feels happy and says this match will be perfect for you and I will bring Viraj here tomorrow so everyone can meet him and I will bring Sonalika also because it’s her suggestion. Prerna gets shocked.

Sonalika informs Mohini about Viraj agrees to marry Prerna. Mohinibsays what’s the need to do it for those people. Nivedita says if Prerna has her own family, she will be away from us.

Mohini says true. Sonalika says I’m the one who suggested it to Anurag because I like Prerna. Mohini notices Anurag and says you have big heart Sonalika. Anurag says yes its happened because of her and asks her to join him tomorrow for meeting of Prerna and Viraj.

Sonalika says yes and thinks I will write your fate Prerna.

Precap – Prerna says I will make Viraj to deny this marriage proposal. Viraj comes to Prerna house with Anurag. Komolika says your kid dad wants to make your punarvivah. Prerna says I don’t want you to be in dark Viraj and now also I love my husband. Viraj gets shocked.