Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 3rd December 2019: Anurags gets shocked after knowing about Prerna husband

Episode starts with Anurag shouts for electrician and Anupam goes to library and brings him to Anurag. Anurag scolds Electrician for his reckless behaviour and says he may kill him if something happens to Prerna or her child. Komolika gets angry. Electrician says sorry and Money notes fell from Electrician shirt and Komolika gets shoked and Anurag questions electrician who sends him. Komolika acts like coughing and when Anurag comes towards her she signs electrician to escape. electrician runs away. Anupam tries follows him.

Anurag takes Komolika to her room and she smirks seeing Prerna. Mohini gets worried seeing Sonalika. Anurag says everything fine. Seeing Anupam they asks whether he caught electrician. Anupam says he didn’t get him but downstairs Prerna sat holding her baby bump and she’s in pain. Anurag goes to Prerna and asks her how she feels. Prerna says it’s paining. He says to Anupam I will take her to hospital and Sonalika tries to stop him but he won’t listen.

Komolika behaves violently and scolds Anupam for breaking her moments with Anurag and says why can’t you to take Prerna to hospital. Mohini support her and asks Nivedita to make her husband understand it. Anupam says sorry to Nivedita and she says any girl will behave like Sonalika only in this kind of situation.

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Doctors greets Anurag and Prerna happily. Prerna scared what if doctor reveals truth. Doctor says I know how you feel when you’re becoming father. Anurag gets confused and when he goes to fill the form. Prerna explains their situation to doctor.
Nivedita supports Sonalika says Prerna is spoiling Sonalika happiness. Anupam says Prerna is carrying Anurags child. Nivedita says who knows it. Anupam gets shocked.

Doctor shows Sonography of baby to Anurag and Prerna. They feels happy seeing baby.

Sonalika says Prerna is trying hard to become Kaamwali to garhwali and I can’t tolerate it. Mohini says I know how these people will dream. Sonalika says those dreams can ruin my life mom and I left everything for Anurag and I will leave if its keeps repeating. Nivedita says it’s not needed and I already warned Anupam. Sonalika gets angry and Mohini,Nivedita consoles her.

Anurag and Prerna experience baby kick and they gets overjoyed. Doctor asks how you know it’s girl. Prerna says I know it and Anuag smiles seeing her. Doctors asks Anurag to bring injection and she says to Prerna they are connected with soul.
Sonalika says she needs some rest and want to be alone. Mohini and Nivedita leaves and Sonalika thinks these people can promise big things but won’t do anything.
Nurses discusses Prerna husband is very bad and he left her in this state and staying with another girl. Anurag overhears their convo and gets shocked.

Komolika thinks she is behaving this way because of Prerna and gets tensed thinking what if Anurag knows about it. She thinks to reveal it to Anurag by herself but gets confused whether he will understand or get to know my identity.

Anurag thinks why Prerna lied to me and He plans to know about her husband.

Precap – Anurag asks Prerna about her husband location. Prerna says out of India. Anurag this she is lying to me also. Veena says Anurag is married to Sonalika. Anurag says to Sonalika he is somewhat connected to Prerna.