Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 4th December 2019: Komolika gets stunned knowing Anurag connection with Prerna

Episode starts with Anurag cuts Sonalika call saying I will call you back without hearing her words. Komolika gets angry. Doctor asks Anurag take Prerna to home. Anurag agrees. Prerna thinks why he is looking like lost in his thoughts. Komolika thinks this time Anurag will love her.

Prerna says to Veena she came home early to take rest. Veena asks Anurag to tell the truth. He informs her everything happened at home. Veena asks how’s Sonalika. Anurag says she must be fine and I went to hospital with Prerna.

Veena takes Prerna to her room and goes to bring pillows for her. Anurag receives Sonalika call and apologies to her for leaving her in this condition. She says ok and asks him to come soon. Komolika thinks glad you realised your mistake ,your heart is taking you to Prerna and mind is hinting me.

Anurag helps Prerna to settle in bed and asks why yo lied to your mom. Prerna says to keep her away from stress. Anurag says seems like you lied to me also for same reason. Prerna says what. he says nothing and asks about her husband pics in her room. She says I don’t like to keep it on wall and I’m sharing with Shivani. Anurag asks where does he live. Prerna says out of India. He asks him to call him to inform today happenings but she denies saying forgot isd number. Veena interrupts them giving pillows to Prerna and he leaves from their house thinking why Prerna is trying to hide truth from me.

Sonlika hugs Anurag Infront everyone happily and asks Mohini to inform him the good news. Moloy asks how’s Prerna. Anurag says fine. Nivedita and Anupam informs they got the overseas deal because of him. Anurag feels happy. Moloy announces tomorrow their will be a party to celebrate this news. Mohini says Anurag is our pride and Sonalika is lucky charm.

Veena asks Prerna to don’t go to Basu house because something bad happens whenever she goes to that house. Prerna says can’t leave this job and can’t live without seeing Anurag.

Anurag takes shirt from cupboard and seeing lipstick marks he gets flashes. He thinks why I feel that girl is flases is Prerna. Seeing Sonalika he asks whether she knows about this mark. Sonalika says it’s because of her. Anurags says to Sonalika I’m getting flashes and hearing that voice I’m feeling it’s Prerna and I feel my past is linked to Prerna. Komolika looks at him.

Prerna says to Veena , she needs Anurag and he needs her and everything will be fine soon and can’t you do the same if you’re in my place. Veena tries to leave and Prerna says I know your answer.

Anurag says how he felt when he saw her anklet than his moments in store room and her resume Favourite location Switzerland and now this lipstick mark. I’m getting flashes but I’m not understanding anything and others won’t reveal Anything. And apologies to her for his odd behaviour towards her. Sonalika asks him to give time for her so they can know eachother and asks him to consider her as friend. Anurag says you’re right.

Anurag dreams about what happened in hospital and he wakes up thinking she kicked. Sonalika asks him what happened. He says I heard Prerna child heartbeat and felt it belongs to me. Sonalika gets shocked.

Precap – Anurag invites Veena and family for Party and ask her to bring Prerna husband if possible. Veena gets angry and asks him to stay so she will show who’s her husband. Veena takes their wedding pic and Says to Shivani I will reveal to Anurag, he is Prerna husband. They gets stunned seeing Anurag.