Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 5th December 2019: Komolikas new plan against Prerna

Episode starts with Anurag says I took Prerna to hospital, I heard her baby’s heart beat and I felt its my heart beat and it’s precious. Sonalika asks him to sleep because it’s getting late and thinks to implement new plan.

Anurag invites Veena to the party and She says Shekar suman went to village and it won’t good if I went without kids. Anurag insists to attend with Prerna and Shivani. He asks whether Prerna husband left her and she gonna give birth to her baby without her busband. Veena scolds him and goes to room searched Prerna marriage pic. Shivani stops Veena.

Veena says I will tell everything, he may forgot his memories but can’t his heart remind him. Anurag asks what happened. Shivani hides pics and mangaes the situation. Anurag thinks Prerna family also hiding this from me and plans to get to know about it who betrayed Prerna.

Sonalika calls Anurag to know where he is and he informs he is at Prerna house to invite her family. Komolika gets angry and calls Prerna and informs to attend the work because party is at evening. Prerna thinks something is suspicious.

Nivedita says she gets client call and they want to invite media to reveal our success to the world. They feels happy. Sonalika thinks this party will increase our bond Anurag. Mohini notice Prerna and asks her to come. Prerna congratulate Anurag for his success and he says its belongs to every employee. Mohini says it’s because Sonalika luck.

Nivedita asks Sonalika to keep the 3cr cash in safe. Sonalika says she don’t have key. Anurag says Prerna have keys and asks her to go with Sonalika. They goes to room and Komolika asks whether you’re angry for getting small shock from me. Prerna says I know about your plan and I saw you when you’re giving money to him and I saved you that’s why you’re still alive. Komolika says thank you bit you can’t reveal to Anurag.

Komolika announces i will attack you multiple times until you move from my way and you can’t reveal it to anyone. Prerna says I can’t reveal it but I can make him feel it. Komolika challenges her to prove in the party and asks her to lock the money in cupboard.

Veena denies to attend the party but Shivani and Prerna convinces her.

At party Mohini praises Anurag look and asks about When his dad is going to come. Anurag says he will come and asks her what happened between you both. Mohini says these nokhjokhs are common for wife and husband.

Nivedita waits for Mr John and Anurag gets excited seeing the entrance. Mohini turns thinking it’s John but shocked seeing Prerna family. She takes veena with her and Nivedita takes Prerna and Shivani. Anurag receives Mr john and introduces Anupam, Nivedita,Prerna to him. Nivedita thinks where is Sonalika.

Komolika plans something and says today they will throw Prerna out of the house like they thrower me. Mohini asks Veena why they came to party. Veena asks her to know it from Anurag.

Precap – Veena asks Mohini to behave well with Prerna because she is carrying this house child. Mohini asks Nivi whether our Anurag ever said this child belongs to him. Nivedita says No. Anurag searches for Prerna husband pic.