Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 6th December 2019: Mohini insults Veena

Episode starts with Veena says Anurag is the one who wants to be part of Party. Mohini says you mean to say we are behind your family. Veena says your son is married and asks him to stop before coming their house. Mohini gets mad and Nivedita controls her. Veena asks Nivedita and Mohini what not Prerna has not done for Anurag but they send her out of house saying Anurag health is not good but he is happy in her presenc and your granddaughter is getting raised in Prerna’s womb.

Mohini asks did Anurag say that Prerna is carrying his child. Nivedita says never. Veena says shame on yourself and I future you yearn to see the face of Anurag’s child but I won’t show her face to you and goes tfrom that place.

Anurag introduces Sonalika as his wife to Mr. George. Sonalika takes Prerna with her. Anurag thinks it’s the right time to enter Prerna house to check the album to found her husband.

Sonalika says you want to prove as my culprit infron of everyone Prerna but tomorrow papers will heighlight me like Anurags wife. Prerna says you don’t have courage to reveal your identity. Prerna notice Veena leaving the party and asks her what happened. Veena thinks I can’t make Prerna hurt saying Mohini thoughts about her so she says this party atmosphere is not set for me. Prerna asks them to wait for 15 m so she can finish her work. Veena asks Shivani to don’t inform Mohini insults to Prerna.
Anurag at Prerna house and hides seeing Shekar at home. Prerna says Anurag introduces Sonalika as his wife not you Komolika and he remembers everything very soon. Komolika says it never happens. Prerna says something will trigger him and he gets his memory very soon. Komolika says your marriage is not happened Infront of world and no pictures so their nothing to trigger him. Veena says Shivani, that album contains their pics and wedding invitation of Prerna and Anurag.

Anurag enters house through terrace. Nivedita asks where is Anurag. Sonalika asks her to call him. Nivedita call him and informed Mr John is waiting for him. Anurag says I came to office to get papers. Prerna says papers are in bag of cash. Anurag says I will come quickly. Nivedita asks Prerna to bring the papers.

Anurag hides behind almariah seeing Suman. She closes window. Sonalika waits for Anurag and Shivani thinks she is implementing some plan. Anurag searches for almariah keys. Prerna takes papers from cupboard, Mohini confronts her and asks whats the need to bring your maa to party. I will not bear you mas if she says something because you left my son at mandap to be with Mr bajaj. Prerna says I done everything for Anurag safety. Mohini says maybe he married both of you but you left and Sonalika is with him. Prerna says I thought you accepted me. Mohini says it never happens and Sonalika is my bahu.

Sonalika goes to room. Anurag gets almirah keys. Mohini says you don’t want to leave my son because of money. Prerna says I love Anurag. Not intrested in your money and words. Mohini says I’m Moloy wife and Anurag mom. Prerna says even I have relationship with them.

Precap – Almariah keys are with Prerna and she kept the cash and now she is the one who came from that room. Now police will decide what’s correct and what’s wrong. Anurag notices pics from album. Police tries to arrest Prerna and she notices Anurag behind her.