Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 8th January 2020: Anurag founds his dream girl is Prerna

Episode starts with Komolika asks do you like this chunri. Anurag says it’s beautiful. Komolika says yes and I bought this chunri for Prerna from Mandir do she can stay happy. Anurag thanks Sonalika for her help. Komolika says get ready , I will give this chunri to Prerna.

Shivani notices Prerna crying badly, she hugs and consoles her. Prerna says I can feel what Anurag feels about me and it’s visible in his eyes and he is unable to express. They gets interrupted by Veena and Prerna changes her mood like she is smiling. Veena asks what’s the matter you got tears while laughing. Prerns says it about normal nokhjokh. Veena asks Prerna to come for Tilak.

When Prerna about to leave, Komolika stops her giving chunri and says it’s same chunri Anurag went to get it for you during your marriage and I hided this one until now but after your dream and warning I showed it to him but he didn’t remember anything and even doctor confirmed he can’t get his memory. Prerna says it’s just beginning and I will try to get my love and my heart beats for him and I will stay near him, don’t forget this.

Mohini gets frustrated after her encounter with Veena, she dashes with servant and something fell on her saree, she goes upstairs to change the dress.

Moloy talks with Mahesh and Gauthsm and asks about Mahesh cricket practice, Viraj hears cricket word and says I will asks my friend to teach you because he is coach. Mahesh and Gauthsm thanks him.

Prerna comes to downstairs and searches for Anurag. Veena makes her wear chunri and Anurag stops seeing Prerna with chunri. Prerna notice him and he comes downstairs and looks uncomfortable. When pandit asks Prerna to place her hand in Viraj Hand, Anurag reminces his dream and notices that girl is Prerna and asks her to don’t leave him and he won’t allow it. Moloy notices Anurag. He leaves to his room and thinks what’s happening but while washing face also he notices Prerna from his dream.

Viraj parents give Shagun to Prerna. Nivedita feels happy thinking everything is going good. Komolika thinks Viraj is so good to marry Pregnant lady. Moloy asks do you need something. Prerna says Anurag which shocks everyone. She says Anurag organised everything so I wish he is at downstairs to see the function so I will go and bring him. Nivedita stops her saying you can’t leave in the middle of rasam. Komolika says I will bring him.

Anurag thinks I have to talk with Sonalika to know why I’m feeling in this way. He comesout of washroom, komolika asks what are you doing here leaving the ceremony. Anurag says I came to wash my dress because some soup fell on it and thinks it’s not correct time to tell her so I will talk with Prerna.

Veena asks Anurag to give Shagun thaali to Viraj. Moloy thinks it will hurt Prerna. Anurag places Prerna hand in Viraj hand while reminscing his dream. Komolika and Nivedita feels happy.

Precap – Anurag says I have feelings for Prerna to Anupam. Shivani overhears their convo and feels happy. Shivani says you have bad news Komolika your pati is feeling for his real wife. Anurag asks Prerna to dance with him. She agrees while dancing he gets flashes of past.