Kasautii Zindagii kay Written Update 9th January 2020: Anurag realises his feelings for Prerna

Episode starts with Pandit announces Tilak rasam is completed. Veena asks Anurag to feed sweet to Viraj. Komolika smirks and says Veena aunty is helping in our work Nivedita. Anurag feeds sweet to Viraj and Prerna.

Komolika says congratulations Viraj and Prerna and very soon you’re going to be couple after marriage so lets have a dance together. Prerna says no which shocks everyone. Prerna tries to explain but Viraj stops her says I know you’re pregnant and I will be careful.

Viraj dances with Prerna. Veena and Viraj mom praises their pair. Prerna imagines Anurag in Viraj place and dance with him happily. Anurag feels uncomfortable and leaves from that place.

He sees Anupam and feels relieved. Anupam asks are you fine. Anurag says I have feelings for Prerna and I know it’s mistake when I have a wife but I feel like Prerna and I have more than friendship that’s why I’m feeling sad when she is with Viraj.

Shivani overhears their convo and goes to inform to Prerna. Anupam says I can understand why you feel in this way. Anurag asks do you the reason. Anupam says yes and you used to share special bond with Prerna and she is special to you. Nivedita gets shocked hearing Anupam and takes him from that place saying I have work with you.

Nivedita questions him why are you saying those things to Anurag. He says I’m at the side of truth, Do you how confused Anurag is looking when he realised his feelings for Prerna and why didn’t you inform me about Prerna Tilak with Viraj. Nivedita says I didn’t inform you and I won’t let you to ruin my Bhai life.

Anupam says why I will ruin ,I’m just helping him to clear his guilty feeling. Nivedita says he must feel guilty because Sonalika is his wife and thinking about Prerna is wrong. Anupam asks than who’s Prerna. Nivedita says Very soon she will become Viraj wife.

Shivani thinks Prerna feels happy when she knows Anurag feelings and she dashes with Komolika and says Anurag will remember everything and he will break this marriage and you have bad news Komolika your pati is feeling for his real wife and he confessed his feeling for priyu Di to Anupam and he is not happy to see Priyudi with Viraj. Komolika feels angry.

Prerna gets separated seeing it’s Viraj and not Anurag. Everyone claps for them. Seeing her worry Viraj asks are you fine. She is fine. Anurag asks Prerna to dance with him. She agrees.

While dancing he says last night I saw one dream and that girl is leaving me, don’t know whos she and when I said this to Sonalika she said their is no meaning but your Tilak ceremony is happening I saw that dream again and that girl is you and please tell me why this feeling. Prerna gets emotional and smiles.

Prerna dances with him like they used to do in the past. Viraj looks at them. Veena says both are childhood friends. Viraj says that’s why they have strong bond. Anurag gets his memory flashes and says Prerna. She asks him what happened.

Precap – Anurag lost his concious and everyone gets worried seeing him. Prerna shouts to call doctor. They takes him to hospital. Komolika thinks Viraj and Prerna marriage must be done before Anurag gaining his memory. Nurse informs Anurag got his senses and calling Prerna. Anurag says why didn’t you inform me about our bond. Doctor says their is good news and very soon Anurag will get his memory. Prerna feels happy. Komolika gets shocked.