Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th August 2022 Written Update: Kashi refuses to fulfil Baji’s demand

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mastani telling Baji that she has to hide her face from the people as noone respects her in the wada. They are calling her a mistress. They are making fun of her marriage with Baji’s sword. Noone witnessed their wedding. Baji says but he considers her as his wife. He can do anything for her, he will cut off their heads for insulting Mastani.

Mastani says how many people he will kill then? Whatever he does she won’t get that much respect which Kashi gets. Baji says people obey her a lot that doesn’t mean Mastani won’t get priority. Mastani says she wants him to marry her in front of all Shaniwad wada people. She has been hearing these taunts since childhood that she is illicit. She can’t tolerate that anymore. Baji promises her that he will marry her in Puna.

Kashi asks for Baji and he comes to her. He says he wants to call for a Sabha in order to make an announcement. Kashi says she wants to talk to him alone but Mastani adds she and Baji are one soul thus Kashi can talk to him in her presence. But since Kashi is the Peshwin she will follow her own rules only. Kashi takes Bajirao to Balaji’s idol and tells him to the light the diya first. She says Balaji has gone through a lot to get the post of Peshwa. Baji says he wants to talk to her and Kashi serves him puran poli and asks him how does it taste? Noone can make better puran poli than her for Baji.

Baji says she is right and she makes better puran poli than Radha too. Kashi shows him the memories she kept safely and she never let them get affected because of the pain she is feeling due to Baji and other circumstances. Her memories remained unaffected but Baji never valued her contributions.

She saved him from the kidnappers, she handled his responsibilities when he used to fight the battles. She put her father in jail for Chimaji. But Baji forgets all that easily. Baji says he can’t understand what she is trying to prove by praising herself. She says she is ready to go to hell for self appreciation but she won’t let him take any wrong decision. Baji says she should feel Mastani’s pain as noone deserves to hear such nasty words. People started hating her so its important to save her honor.

Kashi says he even told her to take risk for Mastani’s safety, he snatched her love, honor and divided that. She accepted everything but cant fulfil this demand. Baji says but it’s not that tough as well. He decided to marry Mastani to give her that respect which Kashi gets. Kashi should not be selfish but should think what Mastani must be feeling. Having two wives is normal.

Kashi says she accepted Mastani for everyone’s good, for Peshwai for Nanashaheb. If she didn’t allow her to stay here Mastani wouldn’t have got the chance to enter the wada. She tells Baji Mastani is a Mughal and situation will be out of control if he marries her. Everyone will be against him. She gives him time to think but he says he won’t change his decision. She says then she will call the meeting tomorrow.

Mastani tells Matang that she told Baji to marry her by taking advantage of the situation. Mastani adds she never wanted to give him such type of marriage proposal. She should get this opportunity without putting this much efforts. Matang says she did right else she wouldn’t have lived here comfortably. Kashi tells Radha to go to sleep as next day she will get a shock.

Radha asks her the reason but Kashi says she won’t get enough time to sleep. Next day during Sabha Kashi comes and asks Baji what he wants to say? Baji says he wants to marry Mastani officially in front of all. Mastani comes there too. Everyone is shocked to hear that.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Mahapurohit blessing Nanasaheb and Baji holds him in his arms. Mahapurohit applies tilak on Nanashaheb’s forehead and Baji says he will become greater Peshwa than him. Kashi gets happy to see them. Surya informs Kashi that one of the attackers of Mastani got caught as he fainted in forest. Kashi goes to see the attacker and tells Surya to make sure that he doesn’t die. He has to recover and then she will talk to him first. Surya obeys her.

Kaveri asks Radha that Kashi took the responsibility of Mastani’s safety but will Mastani change her attitude? Radha says Mastani feels proud as Baji is in love with her. She is the princess of Bundelkhand but she is nothing but a mistress in Puna. Thus they can humiliate her. Radha decides to organise haldi kumkum ritual and tells Rakma to invite Mastani to perform the ritual. Radha says she will show Mastani her real place.

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