Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th July 2022 Written Update: Kashi tells Mastani to take care of Bajirao

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 11th July 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kashi telling Mastani not to leave the place and Bajirao both. Kashi says she knows Mastani is a woman who can only make Baji happy so she will take care of him. Mastani feels grateful and thanks her for understanding their love. She says Baji was right about Kashi that she will understand his emotions. But Kashi puts forth a condition saying Mastani won’t enter Pune or Shaniwad Wada but will always stay separately with Bajirao. Mastani accepts all her conditions despite Matang’s warning. Kashi cries in front of Nanasaheb and her family questions her why she took this step without thinking about herself.

Kashi replies to Radha that she saw how Baji is truly in love with Mastani and she has become his world now so she can’t lose him by sending Mastani away from him. She thought of being selfish but then realised if Mastani leaves Baji will go behind her to Bundelkhand. Radha says Kashi made a huge sacrifice today and it’s unbelievable. Kashi says Hindu Empire needs a warrior like Baji otherwise Mughals will snatch everything from them. Ganga asks but what will happen to her? Kashi says she lost Baji the day Mastani saved him by risking her life. Baji only belongs to Mastani now and she can remember his words clearly what he feels for Mastani. Radha feels sad for her and Kashi adds she told Mastani not to enter Shaniwad wada. Radha says Chimaji will appoint soldiers to see if anyone is trying to enter Pune or not.

Baji comes out of Mastani’s tent and hugs her with bliss. People notice them and gossip about Bajirao’s character. Chimaji tells Baji that he should not do all this openly, people are passing comments. Its bad for his reputation. Baji says people should know he loves Mastani, it’s not a sin. He will give her that respectful place in his life very soon. Baji prepares to meet Kashi in order to convince her to allow Mastani to stay in the Shaniwad wada. Mastani stops him recalling the condition. She says Baji should understand that Pune people will never accept their love but will always taunt them. So they should go to Bundelkhand to live a better life where their love will be accepted and he will become king there. Baji says he can’t leave his own state, its his birthplace and he has certain duties. He will make sure Mastani gets the honor here only and Kashi will convince people, he will ensure that. He leaves.

Kashi spends time with her son and explains him his duties after growing up. Since Baji is unavailable to train him for his better future she will take the whole responsibility. Ganga says he is just a baby, he won’t understand all these. Kashi says but she has no choice but start giving him right lessons from now only. She can’t lose hope. Ganga says she is afraid of Kashi’s confidence. It is already heartbreaking for her. Kashi says she will tackle herself. She goes to the sabha for something urgent. Radha gets mad seeing taabiz for Nanasaheb sent by Nizam who is a Mughal. She says this is a signal towards Nanasaheb’s safety issues. She also can’t stand a different religion stuff near Nanasaheb. It should be given back to Nizam.

Radha asks Rakma and Kaveri to purify the wada with Ganga Jal. Kashi calms her down and later she says this will not be given to Nizam as it might anger him if he has good intentions. So it will be carried by the water. She talks in favour of all religions and she doesn’t support religious fights. Ganga says she has a big heart to which Kashi says she is just thinking about Baji nothing else. Baji enters the wada with this determination that he has to convince Kashi anyhow so that Mastani stays in Wada.

Episode ends

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