Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 12th August 2022 Written Update: Kashi takes a decision against Bajirao’s will

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The episode starts with Baji telling everyone that he is going to marry Mastani in Shaniwad wada. Radha objects to that but he says people are insulting Mastani and he can’t tolerate that anymore. He accepts his marriage with Mastani which took place in Bundelkhand but noone believes that here so he will marry her again.

Radha says Mastani wants to take Kashi’s place but she can’t take that easily as she can’t be compared to Kashi. Kashi is one of a kind and Mastani can’t be like her. Even Chatrasal wanted to get rid of Mastani so he gave her responsibility to Baji. He brought her here and wants to cross all limits. Baji says Radha should think before speaking, Radha says he should have thought before announcing his wedding with Mastani in front of Kashi.

Chima says Baji should stop his actions here as he is demanding extra now. They gave shelter to Mastani in the wada, that should be enough for her. Baji says this time he won’t stop himself from attacking Chima if he talks ill about Mastani further. Chima says he is not scared, Radha says Mastani’s step brothers wanted to kill her, her death could have saved Kashi’s married life.

Chima says he can also kill her, Baji chokes him and Kashi tells them to stop fighting. She says it’s their family not battle field. Mastani gets down on her knee and asks for justice from Kashi. She says if they treat a Puna girl like this in Bundelkhand then is it acceptable for Kashi? Kashi says she will serve justice and she calls a Sabha tomorrow to take the final decision.

Mahapurohit and other priests learn about Bajirao’s decision of marrying Mastani. They oppose the decision and reach the wada. Mahapurohit says if Kashi doesn’t stop Baji and allows him to marry Mastani then the priest community will boycott Ballal family. They won’t even drink water from their house.

Baji tells Mastani that he believes in Kashi, she can’t go against his choice. Kashi says to the priests she can understand what they meant but she will take an unbiased decision only. Kashi sees Mastani is practicing dance and the latter stops seeing her. Mastani says people are expert at pointing out her mistakes here. She says she believes in her love and she knows how much Kashi loves Baji so she will take decision in his favour only. Mastani confidently says then she and Baji can get married.

During Sabha Kashi learns about Bundelkhand’s custom that is marrying a person through a sword. She says that its unfair to Mastani. She asks Baji if he knew he is getting married to Mastani? Baji says that doesn’t matter but now he wants her as his wife. Kashi says he was fooled by Bundelkhand people and married Mastani without his will. Since he is not a Rajput this marriage wont be accepted. Baji is shocked to hear her decision. He faints and the doctor comes to check him. He says Baji is having anxiety thus s
he lost consciousness. Kashi gets emotional and Radha says Baji is so mad for Mastani that he is doing all these.

Kashi cries hugging Nanashaheb and blames herself for upsetting Baji. Radha says its all Mastani’s fault. Kashi took the right decision, she should not care about what people think all the time. Kashi says but Baji never imagined that she can go against his wish. So she is responsible for his health deterioration. She decides to do everything as per his wish from now.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Mastani telling Baji that she has to hide her face from the people as noone respects her in the wada. They are calling her a mistress. They are making fun of her marriage with Baji’s sword. Noone witnessed their wedding. Baji says but he considers her as his wife. He can do anything for her, he will cut off their heads for insulting Mastani.

Mastani says how many people he will kill then? Whatever he does she won’t get that much respect which Kashi gets. Baji says people obey her a lot that doesn’t mean Mastani won’t get priority. Mastani says she wants him to marry her in front of all Shaniwad wada people. She has been hearing these taunts since childhood that she is illicit. She can’t tolerate that anymore. Baji promises her that he will marry her in Puna.

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