Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th August 2022 Written Update: Kashi saves Baji from death

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 15th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Baji’s family asking the doctor how is Baji. He says he is still trying to figure out what happened to Baji. He is treating him but rest is in God’s hands. Everyone gets worried hearing that. Mastani goes to meet Baji inside and Mahapurohit tells Kashi about Bitthoba idol which is in deep forest. People often fail to find the Idol but if someone has pure intentions then he/can find Bithoba idol. He suggests Kashi to go there alone for Baji’s sake. Kashi agrees to do so. Mastani tells Baji that she won’t let anything happen to him. Kashi goes near Baji and cries holding his feet. She says she will never stop loving him and he takes her name. Kashi says even in this state he is murmuring her name it means somewhere in his heart she is still there. He loves her too. She holds his hand and says she is going to find Bitthoba idol and till then he will take care of himself.

Matang tells Mastani about Bitthoba idol and the latter decides to go to forest to prove that her love is true for Bajirao. Mastani reaches the forest before Kashi and Radha tells Mahapurohit how Kashi will go there alone, Chima says he will send soldiers for her safety to which Mahapurohit says Kashi’s faith will be her protection and its not right to take soldiers with her when she wants to prove her faith for God Bitthoba. Matang gives sword to Mastani for her safety. Kashi refuses to take any weapon saying her faith is her power and she believes in herself and God. She will go empty handed..

Mastani roams around the forest and Kashi too tries to find the right path of reaching Bitthoba idol. She walks barefoot. She finds one saint is practicing meditation. He stops her and says if she if searching for Bitthoba idol. She says yes and she doesn’t have enough time. He says Bitthoba’s idol shows up only when he wants to meet someone. If the person has done something without any expectations, he/she will find him. He asks Kashi to eat something but she denies. He likes her approach and advises her to keep searching for Bitthoba with full faith. Mastani notices Kashi’s footmarks and assumes maybe someone is looking for Bitthoba idol just like her. She follows the footmarks. Kashi adamantly doesn’t eat anything until she finds the idol.

Mastani picks up some guavas and drinks water from pond. Baji’s health worsens and the doctor says he has not enough time left. Radha gets shocked. Kashi feels helpless and tells God that she has been always faithful towards Baji. She loves him only and she can’t lose him. She finally finds Bitthoba idol under a tree and feels grateful. She prays to him and wishes for Baji’s speedy recovery. She gets Bitthoba’s blessings and pick some flowers. She leaves and later Mastani finds the idol too and says she knew her love for Baji is pure thus she found the idol. She prays for Baji and Kashi reaches the wada. She makes Baji smell the flower and the latter gains conciousness.

Kashi gets delighted to see him fine and holds his hand. He separates his hand from hers. Mastani arrives. He asks her where was she? Mastani reveals how she found Bitthoba’s idol and prayed for him. He listened to her prayer and saved Baji. Baji says no matter what happens but he will marry Mastani. Kashi gets disheartened hearing that and thinks if Baji wishes to marry Mastani then she will not stop him again else he will end up being sick again.

Episode ends

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