Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th August 2022 Written Update: Mastani tries to destroy evidence against her

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 17th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Baji informing Mastani that they will get married tomorrow. Mastani gets overjoyed and says but no priest will be ready to come for the wedding rituals. Baji says he doesn’t care about any specific muhurat but he will marry her and that’s final. Mastani hugs him. Baji gets angry seeing noone has made any preparations for his wedding. The wada is not decorated yet.

Radha says noone will support his decision of marrying Mastani. He says people only want his sacrifice, his blood but they cant fulfil his one wish in return. She says if he can try to convince people then he can do that. The workers go to Kashi in order to inform her that they are not decorating the wada. Kashi says but they should not disobey their Peshwa. She tells them to start the preparations. Kashi tries to convince Radha but in vain and the latter informs Mahapurohit about Kashi’s decision. Mahapurohit says they won’t support Kashi this time.

Baji gets surprised to see everyone is decorating the wada and he feels thankful towards Kashi. Kashi leaves to see the attacker in prison and makes an excuse to Baji that she has some urgent work there. Baji thinks Kashi dedicated her whole life to him but he couldnt even dedicate himself to her. Kashi meets Surya and the latter says the attacker gained consciousness.

There Mastani learns from Matang that one of her attackers got caught and he might reveal her truth. Mastani says she doesn’t want any interruptions during her wedding, she tells Matang to kill the attacker by sending soldiers before he reveals anything. Kashi asks the attacker who sent him to attack Mastani? Surya attacks him and warns him to reveal the truth. Kashi tells the attacker that he is not allowed to leave if he won’t open his mouth. Mastani’s soldiers attack the soldiers near prison. Surya says they can defeat those.

Kashi says surely Mastani sent her men to kill the attacker. She tells Surya to allow one of her men to get inside the prison. Surya does so and Mastani’s soldier tries to kill the attacker but Surya injures him. Kashi says to the attacker that he was trying to hide Mastani’s name but Mastani only sent men to kill him. They didn’t come to save him but to save Mastani’s secret by killing him. So he should not be quiet. She tells Surya to prevent any further attacks. She says Mastani will be exposed for sure.

Kashi sees many people have been gathered outside the wada and they reveal that priest community has boycotted everything. They won’t do puja or won’t perform any such religious customs because of Baji’s act. Mahapurohit comes and says this will not change and if Baji violates the rules of their religion then they won’t tolerate that. Baji says who are they to judge him? When he risks his life to save the same people they get vanished.

Mahapurohit replies he is their saviour but it doesn’t give him the licence to hurt the religious sentiments. Baji says love can’t be an enemy to the religion, Mastani is Hindu but Mahapurohit says he doesn’t believe in lust, Mastani’s blood is impure as her mother is a Mughal. Baji tries to bring out his sword in anger and Kashi stops him. Kashi apologises to Mahapurohit but he says everything single thing related to religion will be stopped until Baji changes his mind. They won’t even do puja for last rites. People show faith in Kashi and leave.

Radha asks Kashi to stop Baji from marrying Mastani else their child will snatch the right from Nanashaheb. Kashi says that won’t happen and Radha should think about her son’s health as he was about to die due to Kashi’s decision. She says she can’t lose him and it will be great loss for their state too thus she allowed Baji to marry Mastani. She requests Radha to accept Bajirao’s demand.

Mastani gets the news that the attacker is dead and she feels relieved thinking now Kashi doesn’t have any proof against her. She meets Baji and says everything is happening because of her. She adds but they should not cancel the wedding because of after their marriage those priests will get back to their normal lifestyle as without puja, customs, rituals they won’t be able to survive.

Baji says he is really worried and he thought she would tell him to stop all these. Mastani plays her card saying she can tell him not to marry her, she can spend her whole life without marriage. She was ready to go to war with him. She doesn’t know how many times she has to prove her love for him. But he wished to marry her otherwise she has no problem with hearing such taunts. Baji says he didn’t mean that. He will marry her and he will not change his mind.

The episode starts with Kashi sharing about her wedding with Nanashaheb. She shows him her little bangles and vermilion box etc. She feels nostalgic and gets teary. Ganga says Kashi is still the same and why is she reminiscing everything now. Kashi replies because she is doing it for the last time. She has to let Baji marry Mastani. Ganga gets shocked to hear that and asks her doesn’t she feel bad about it? How can she be so selfless for Baji. Kashi says sometimes we need to set the other person free and that’s called unconditional love.

She has no choice left. Mastani gets into thinking what Kashi meant by warning her. Will she stop her wedding with Baji at the last moment? Matang asks her why is she look stressed? Mastani shares

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