Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th August 2022 Written Update: A problem arises during Baji and Mastani’s wedding

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Baji telling Kashi that he has realised what is his fault so now if she wants he can cancel the wedding. She has done a lot for him. Kashi says she knew if she consents to Baji and Mastani’s marriage, priests will protest so she sent a letter to King Shahu beforehand stating about the issue. King Shahu arrives and Kashi welcomes him. King Shahu sees Mastani and Radha tells him to convince Bajirao to change his mind else everyone is against this marriage.

King Shahu says he is with Kashi and he will take the decision in Sabha today. All priests has to attend the Sabha. Surya gives food to the attacker and says Mastani wants to kill him but Kashi saved him. He should not be faithful towards Mastani but he should expose her truth before she gets married to Bajirao. The attacker refuses and Surya gets mad at him for not showing gratitude towards Kashi for saving his life.

King Shahu scolds the priests for not obeying Peshwa, he is the greatest warrior of all time and the priests should be thankful for that as they are safe because of him. Mahapurohit says hurting religious sentiments is not good for the society, they can’t support a wrong thing just because Baji is their saviour. King Shahu says Kashi has all the right to decide it not the priests. If Kashi is okay with Baji’s choice then noone has the power to raise voice against it.

Mahapurohit says he doesn’t want to go to hell by taking part in the wedding rituals. King Shahu says but they will stop the protest right now. Mahapurohit nods yes and leaves. King Shahu blesses Kashi and leaves. Baji says he doesn’t need to call a priest for his wedding but he is himself a Bramhin so he will perform the rituals and will read the mantras.

Mastani dances out of happiness and gets ready for her wedding. She says finally noone will call her as mistress of Baji. Baji gets ready as Bramhin and he asks Kashi to accompany him as she was there for him always. Kashi says she is not his wife anymore, she freed him from all the wedding vows and now he will take the sams vows with Mastani. So she won’t be present there but if any problem occurs she will go there to solve it.

Baji leaves and goes to Mastani. Mastani asks him to look at her properly as she is looking the prettiest Marathi bride today. Surya convinces the attacker to give statement against Mastani. The attacker fears that Mastani will kill him but Surya assures him nothing will happen to him. They will protect him.

Baji tries to start the puja in mandap and Radha arrives, she says Baji is not a Brahmin in true sense as he is a warrior. He killed people and ethically the rituals peformed by him as a Brahmin won’t be considered as correct. Noone will accept this wedding. Baji recalls Kashi’s words and calls her to find a solution of it. Kashi appears and says there’s one way that is “Gandharv Vivah” in which the man and the woman accept each other as husband and wife and take pheras around the hawan kund. They willfully do that without any such customs.

Lord Shiva also married Sati like that. Radha asks Kashi why did she tell about it to Baji? Kashi says it’s Baji’s wish and she will fulfil them as it’s her duty. Baji and Mastani exchange garlands and accept each other as husband and wife according to “Gandharv Vivah”. Kashi gets teary and feels heartbroken. Surya arrives with the attacker to expose Mastani in front of Bajirao..

Episode ends

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